Can We Guess When And Where You Had Your First Kiss?

Ah, the very first kiss. It can be a magical moment or a total gross-out. Can we guess when and where you had your first kiss based on how you answer these questions? Will we get it right the first time? Take this trip down memory lane and relive your first kiss today!

Question 1/10
Did you ride the bus to school?
Yes, every single day.
Whenever my parents couldn't take me.
Most of the time.
Never, I was driven to school.

Question 2/10
In high school, you would have described yourself as....

Question 3/10
What is your favorite date?
Going out to eat.
Going to a movie.
Going out for drinks.
Going on a weekend trip.
Going to a concert.

Question 4/10
Did you attend school dances?
Always, I lived for a fancy outfit!
If my friends went.
Only my prom.
Nah, they weren't my thing.

Question 5/10
Choose a theme for your next birthday party:
Under the sea
Marvel Super Heroes
Black and gold
Golden Girls

Question 6/10
As a teen, how often did you hang out with your parents?
Almost every night, we have a great relationship.
A few nights a week.
When I didn't have any other plans.
Never, I was always out with friends.
An average amount.

Question 7/10
What was your favorite childhood game?
Spin the bottle
Hide and seek

Question 8/10
Choose a Nickelodeon cartoon:
Hey Arnold
Rocko's Modern Life
Ren and Stimpy
Spongebob Squarepants

Question 9/10
How would you describe your first kiss?

Question 10/10
Are you religious?
Yes, very much so.
Kind of.
Not really.
Not at all.
You had your first kiss at 16, behind a set of bleachers. Ah, young love. There's no where that seemed too public or in the open. As a pretty popular kid, you were always hanging out at football games and sporting events. No wonder your first smooch happened right behind a set of bleachers. You're a naughty one!

Age 16 Behind The Bleachers
We think that your first kiss happened at age 11 at the bus stop. Let's get one thing straight- this was not a smooch you were prepared for. In fact, it caught you totally off guard. Someone had a crush on you and decided to seal it with a kiss. A total gross out? Maybe!

Age 11 At The Bus Stop
Your first kiss happened at age 17 at a school dance! Let's be real, your first kiss couldn't have been more movie magical. Under the twinkle lights of a high school gym, dressed in your school dance finery, you landed your perfect first kiss. Sure, it may have been a little sloppy, but you wouldn't trade that magic moment for anything.

Age 17 At The Dance
Your first kiss happened at age 20 while away at college! Okay, so you were a bit of a late bloomer. In high school, you probably were a bit quiet or ran with a nerdier crowd. That probably means you're a pretty rad adult! While you didn't get your first smooch before graduation, you saved the best for your college years. Unlike your peers, your first kiss at age 20 really meant something special!

Age 20 At College
Your first kiss happened at the age of 14 at a birthday party! Honestly, we think you were a pretty popular kid, always getting invited to the best birthday parties. One party in particular was pretty special, because that's where you got your first kiss. Sure, it was just a peck and there were plenty of other people about, but it still counts. Plus, you got cake out of the whole ordeal!

Age 14 At A Birthday Party