Are You More Bad Or Good?

We all have a good side and a bad side, but which of your sides wins out more often? It's time to find out if you're more bad or good! Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Do you consider yourself to be a very spiritual person?

Question 2/10
How often do you drop a curse word in regular conversation?
More times than I'm willing to admit
Once or twice
It depends on who I'm hanging out with

Question 3/10
Have you ever parked in a handicapped space, even if other spaces were available?
I hate to admit it but I have
I would never do that
Only on black Friday

Question 4/10
How often do you hold the door for those who aren't directly behind you?
Every time
If i'm not in a hurry
Almost never

Question 5/10
Describe your best friend in one word:

Question 6/10
If you could only own one exotic animal, which would you choose?

Question 7/10
What kind of footwear are you rocking on the average day?
High heels
Ballet Flats
Ankle boots

Question 8/10
The idea of riding a motorcycle is......
A mixed bag

Question 9/10
Be honest, have you ever shoplifted?
Once or twice as a kid
I've never even thought about it
I'm a shoplifting pro

Question 10/10
An elderly person needs help reaching something on the top shelf. Do you help them?
No, but only because I'm also short
Absolutely, even if I need to find a store associate
No way, that's their problem
You're 100% bad to the bone! Have you noticed the devil and the angel on your shoulder? Which one are you listening to the most? Based on your answers, it seems the devils got a hold on you!

100% Bad
You're 100% good! When it comes to morality and goodness, you're pure through and through. Though the temptation to misbehave may arise from time to time, you never let your amazing morals take a hit.

100% Good
You are 60% bad! The good news is, you're not all bad! Sure, well behaved people rarely make history, but remember that goodness and morality matter too. Keep a good balance and you'll have that's truly balanced!

60% Bad
You're 80% good! Like all of us, you can have a bit of a dark side. The good news is, you never let the dark overpower the light. You know that it can be fun to let loose and behave a bit badly, but at the end of the day goodness matters more than anything else.

80% Good
You are 50% bad! Hey, you're not all bad! You've managed to find an amazing balance between the light side and the dark. We think you may have watched a good deal of Star Wars as a kid.

50% Bad