Are You A Hunter, Gatherer, Or Scavenger?

Before you could head to the grocery store to grab your food, you had to get a little bit more creative in how you survived. When it came down to feeding yourself and your family, are you more hunter, gatherer or scavenger? The results may surprsie you!

Question 1/10
Are you one to hold a grudge?

Question 2/10
Which reality show could you realistically win?
The Amazing Race
The Bachelor

Question 3/10
Since turning 16, how many jobs have you held?

Question 4/10
How do you feel about your siblings?
They're dead weight.
I love them dearly.
They're okay in small doses.

Question 5/10
How much can you lift?
10-15 pounds
20-30 pounds
30+ pounds

Question 6/10
If you had to guess, how many hours a day do you spend on a computer?
1-3 hours
4-6 hours
7-10 hours

Question 7/10
If you had to, could you use a compass to right yourself?

Question 8/10
Do you know how to sew or mend?
Yes, I'm an excellent sewer.
I can sew on a button or patch a rip.
Nope, I have no clue.

Question 9/10
What would be a good job for you?
Park ranger

Question 10/10
A friend has fallen on hard time and applies for food stamps. How do you feel?
I'm happy for them, everyone needs to eat!
THey shouldn't take a handout like that.
To each their own.
You're a hunter. Always on the prowl and willing to stalk your prey to get what you want. You are cunning and clever, always anticipating a move before it has even been made. You're not afraid to work for what you want or get your hands dirty to provide for those you love.

You are a gatherer. Skilled, adept, and observant, you would have found your food and supplies through foraging rather than by agricultural means or hunting. Whether it was collecting plants or even found objects to use for cooking vessels, you would have come across every supply by chance.

You're a total scavenger. Scrappy and strong, you never back down from a challenge. You take what you can find and use your clever wit to get what you want. Sometimes, it may even involve a bit of stealing! Whether it's road kill, theft, or raiding a camp, you would have taken your life into your own hands.