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How Rich Are You Gonna Be In 5 Years?

Call us future predictors – we bet that, by the way you answer these questions, we’ll be able to tell you how wealthy you will be in half a decade. You can check back in five years and thank us later!


Question 1/10
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How big is your immediate family?

Question 2/10
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How often do you eat out (as opposed to having home-cooked meals) in a week?
Less than twice
2-4 times
More than 4 times

Question 3/10
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How wealthy would you consider yourself presently?
Not Very

Question 4/10
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Are you addicted to alcohol or recreational drugs?
No, but I enjoy them sometimes.
No, not at all.

Question 5/10
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Which of the following do you value most?

Question 6/10
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When was the last time you had a big shopping day?
Within the last week
Within the last month
Within the last year

Question 7/10
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Do you already have lots of money in savings?
Yes, I've saved a lot over the years.
Yes, I'd say I have quite a bit.
No, not really.

Question 8/10
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Would you spend a bit extra to have the experience of a lifetime versus an average experience?
Yes, always.
I'd have to think about it.
Probably not.

Question 9/10
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Would you say you have a lot of financial obligations?

Question 10/10
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What do you spend the MOST money on every week?

Filthy Rich
You are an ambitious and driven individual with a work ethic matched by no one. You will see success after success within the next five years, and those successes will launch you into attaining so much wealth! We predict that in half a decade, you will be filthy rich. Be sure to spend that wisely!

Very Comfortably Rich
You are a hard worker with great priorities. You're driven and focused on your goals, but you may get distracted with other important things in your life sometimes - which is totally okay! We predict that in five years, you will be very comfortably rich.

Average Income
You are all about living in the moment and seizing the day. You won't let a good opportunity for adventure pass you by. Unfortunately, lots of amazing adventures require a bit of money, and this means you won't be filthy rich with savings in five years, but you WILL be happy and won't regret a single one of your choices!

Rich In Love
You have lots of responsibilities and obligations, and you have your priorities (family first!) in order. This may mean you won't be able to save up to be as rich as the Queen, but there is not a single doubt in our mind that you will be more than rich in love.

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