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Do You Know Which Mountain Town Should You Call Home?

The mountains can feel like a refreshing and beautiful escape from it all, but do you know which mountain town you should actually call home? Take these 10 questions and discover your mountain calling!

Question 1/10
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What role do you play among your group of friends?
The nurturer
The leader
The planner
The mediator
The voice of reason

Question 2/10
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What would you order at your local diner?
A milkshake
Turkey club
Monte Cristo

Question 3/10
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Where are you most likely to hang out?
A local coffee shop
A park
A bar
A diner
A bookstore

Question 4/10
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What's your favorite season?

Question 5/10
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How close to civilization do you like to be?
As close as possible
Somewhat close
Not close at all

Question 6/10
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Is it important for you to have a big plot of land?
Nah, too much upkeep.
I'd love to have acres and acres of land.
I'd like a small yard but nothing huge.
An acre or two would be nice.

Question 7/10
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Which musician would you most like to listen to?
John Denver
Neil Young
Loretta Lynn
Dolly Parton

Question 8/10
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Which themed gathering would you most like to host?
Dinner by the fire
Dinner under the stars
Backyard BBQ
Community festival

Question 9/10
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How isolated do you want to be?
Very isolated
Somewhat isolated
Not isolated at all

Question 10/10
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What's your favorite time to eat?
All of them

Park City, Utah
The mountain town that you should call home is Park City, Utah! While you may know Park City for its killer ski slopes, the artistic side of you will be drawn to Park Cities amazing galleries, shops, and restaurants. You’ll feel right at home strolling down this historic main street and taking in the beautiful sights and sounds!

Asheville, NC
The mountain town you should call home is Asheville, North Carolina! Nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville has become a mecca for mountain loving artisans and foodies. With weekly drum circles, downtown bluegrass festivals, and dozens of coffeehouses and microbreweries, Asheville is a mecca of warm and welcoming culture!

Durango, CO
The mountain town you should call home is Durango, CO! For an old soul like yourself, Durango has all of the historic charm you crave without compromising modern convenience. Restaurants and saloons are abundant and this small town with a charming old school main street. You’ll fall in love with the vintage charm of this mountain mecca.

Jackson, Wyoming
The mountain town you should call home is Jackson, Wyoming! This nature obsessed village will align with your green tendencies and love of all things recreation. Part cowboy mecca and part millionaire’s row, you’ll love the unique dichotomy this town presents to dwellers young and old. Are you ready to pack your bags yet?

North Conway, New Hampshire
The mountain town you should call home is North Conway, New Hampshire! You’re a warm hearted person with a love of all things historic and vintage. You simply believe that old towns possess a heritage and culture that newer modern towns simply do not. Just east of White Mountain National Forest, you’ll love North Conway’s fairy tale esque town center and emphasis on history.

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