How Long Will Your Relationship Last?

Everyone wants their relationships to last for the long haul, but how long will your current romantic endeavor truly go on for? It's time to find out! Take this passionate test and discover how long your relationship is really going to last!

Question 1/10
Are you male or female?
I'd prefer not to say

Question 2/10
How long have you known your significant other for?
A few months
A few years
More than 5 years
A decade
My whole life

Question 3/10
How did you meet your current partner?
Through a dating app
Through friends
At work or school
Randomly on the street
At church

Question 4/10
Is your personality more type A or type B?
Type A (less relaxed)
Type B (more relaxed)
A combination of both

Question 5/10
How far away do you live from your partner?
We live together
We live a few minutes apart
We live 15-20 minutes apart
We live 30-40 minutes apart
We live more than an hour apart

Question 6/10
What do you believe is your best quality?
I'm a good listener
I'm very open minded
I'm loyal
I don't take life too seriously
I'm very intelligent

Question 7/10
What do you believe is your partner's best quality?
Their looks/style
Their intelligence
Their sense of humor
Their honesty
Their compassion

Question 8/10
What is your least favorite thing about your S/O?
They're always late
They have annoying habits
I don't like their family
They're lazy
They're stubborn

Question 9/10
What activity do you and your S/O do together?
We go hiking or camping
We watch movies or TV
We read books
We cook
We party
We bar hop

Question 10/10
When was the last time you and your partner got in an argument?
A few days ago
A few weeks ago
A few months ago
Based on the results of this quiz, your relationship will last a lifetime! There's no doubt that you've found the person you're meant to spend the rest of your life with. Not only do you feel as if your significant other makes you a better person, but you feel as if you are more at ease and comfortable in your own skin simply by being around them. You never have to fear being yourself or discussing a deep topic. You've found a partner you can most definitely rely on!

A Lifetime
Based on the results of this quiz, your relationship is going to last 30 years! Congratulations, you and your partner are in it for the long haul. You've truly found a person that you can rely on through thick and thin. Not only is your partner your best friend, but their the one person that you can laugh with, cry with, and be your truest self with.

30 Years
Based on the results of this quiz, your relationship is going to last for 10 years! You've found a person who truly makes you come alive and believe in your best qualities. Not only is your significant other your best friend and confidant, but they're your better half. Though you won't make it a lifetime with this particular partner, you'll learn so much about yourself and who you are just by spending the next 10 years being in love with them.

10 Years
Based on the results of this quiz, your relationship is going to last three years! Though you've found a great partner who you can rely on through thick and thin, this relationship will be more of a learning experience than anything else. From your current partner you'll learn to love, trust, communicate, and express yourself fully. Though it might not last forever, you'll stay friends and remain in each other's lives for the long haul.

3 Years
Based on the results of this quiz, your relationship is going to last one year! Unfortunately, you haven't yet found the person you'll spend the rest of your life with. Remember, you're worthy of finding the one person who makes you the best version of you. Don't settle for someone who isn't right just to have a partner. Know your own greatness and be patient, you'll find your one true love someday soon!

1 Year