Would You Survive In The Jungle Alone?

Do you think you have what it takes to survive in the jungle alone? It's time to find out just how keen your survival skills really are! The results might just surprise you!

Question 1/10

You come awake in a dark, dense jungle. What is your first move?
Scream my head off
Pray for a miracle
Start looking for food and shelter
Collect my thoughts and make a plan

Question 2/10

It's nighttime and you hear heavy branches breaking left and right. What do you do?
Nothing, it's probably just an animal.
Freeze and assess the danger.
Prepare to fight.
Star sobbing silently.

Question 3/10

How would you find water in the jungle?
Look for the nearest river and drink.
Cut into a tree vine for fluids.
Collect rainwater.
Look for a muddy area and dig.

Question 4/10

You spot a jungle cat and suspect it may be hunting you. What do you do?
Stay calm and carry on.
Look for a place to hide.
Prepare my weapons.
Yell at it to go away.

Question 5/10

You're going to need food if you want to survive. What's your plan?
Forage for fruits and nuts.
Attempt to build traps and hunt.
Fish in the nearest river.
Eat anything that looks edible.

Question 6/10

It can get lonely in the jungle. How would you pass the time?
Build shelters, hunt, and build weapons.
Dwell on how lonely I am.
Attempt to travel towards civilization.
Orient myself on the ways of the jungle.

Question 7/10

Where will you be sleeping in the jungle?
Make a simple lean to shelter.
Tie myself to a tree branch.
Curl up next to a bush.
Build camp next to a water source.

Question 8/10

What's the best way to track your direction?
Follow the moss on tree trunks.
Track animal trails.
Travel only at night using the stars.
Spin in a circle and just start walking.

Question 9/10

Where should be food be stored?
Away from the ground and in the trees.
On my body.
In a backpack or case.
I'd hide it in various areas around my camp

Question 10/10

What's the most important thing to remember in the jungle?
Stay calm always.
I might die, but it's okay.
Trust your gut.
Wait for rescue and carry on.
Based on the results of this quiz, you could definitely survive for several years in the jungle on your own! You're a very logical and grounded person who always thinks from a place of common sense. You have a great sense for survival and an optimism that is unmatched by most. You know how to use the land around you to your advantage and live from what is available. You're clever, smart, and you almost never panic. If anyone could survive in the jungle, it's you!

You Would Survive For Years On Your Own!

Based on the results of this quiz, you could survive in the jungle for months on your own! Sure, the first few weeks would be hard and you'd question whether you have it in you to keep going, but soon your survival instincts would kick in and you'd know what to do. You're a strong and resilient soul with a great common sense. You know how to stay warm, find water, and procure food in a safe way. You're pretty awesome!

You Would Survive For Months On Your Own!

Based on the results of this quiz, you would survive for weeks on your own! Surviving in the jungle isn't easy, but you'd make it work for a few weeks. You're a strong soul with an optimism that can carry you through the toughest of days. When your shelter simply won't stay put and the food has run dry, you'll creatively find new ways to stay alive.

You Would Survive For Weeks On Your Own!

Based on the results of this quiz, you would not survive in the jungle! Let's be real, in the jungle, there's no Googling "how to survive in the jungle." While you may be smart, you're also reliant on technology to help you to learn and pull through. You're a social butterfly who craves attention and the comfort of others. Surviving in the jungle would be like hell for you!

You Would Not Survive In The Jungle!