Which TV Mom Is Your Soulmate?

Do you think you know which iconic TV mom is your soulmate? Take these 10 tantalizing questions and find out!

Question 1/10

If your child were to have friends over, what kind of snacks would you serve?
Fresh baked cookies
Apple slices
Chips and dip
Celery sticks
Chicken tenders

Question 2/10

You catch your child doing something you explicitly said not to, what's the punishment?
Grounded for a week
No internet
No phone or texting
Bed without dinner
No video games

Question 3/10

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
Whiskey and coke

Question 4/10

Would you daughter be allowed out of the house in a very tiny mini skirt?
Absolutely not
No way
It depends where she's going

Question 5/10

What do you do if you don't like your son's girlfriend?
Try to talk him out of dating with her
Deal with it but make mean quips very often
Make my feelings known but do nothing

Question 6/10

Who is your favorite TV dad?
Howard Cunningham
Ray Barone
Mike Brady
Steven Keaton
Ward Cleaver

Question 7/10

How do you console your child after a breakup?
I let her cry it out while I listen
I give her my best advice
I make her some good food and talk with her
I let her deal with it on her own
I seek revenge on her boyfriend

Question 8/10

What is your favorite way to relax?
A warm bath
A stiff drink
Hours of mindless TV
A run/walk

Question 9/10

Would you allow your son or daughter to get a piercing or tattoo prior to turning 18?

Question 10/10

How socially progressive are you?
Very progressive
Somewhat progressive
Not progressive at all
I'm a mixed bag
Carol Brady is your TV mom soul mate. When one thinks of TV moms, it's hard not to think of Carol Brady and her brood of children. Carol was cheery, positive, and never raised her voice. She was a rock for her children and her husband, never letting anything shake her or get her overwhelmed.

Carol Brady

June Cleaver is your TV mom soulmate. June is the quintessential perfect TV mom. June was warm, devoted, and completely on top of her kids needs. They returned from school each day to fresh baked cookies and a warm embrace.

June Cleaver

Elyse Keaton is your TV mom soul mate. Elyse is an amazing example of an intellectual mother who could make her children think about their behaviors rather than raising her voice. She was creative, kind, and overwhelmingly positive.

Elyse Keaton

Marion Cunningham is your TV mom soul mate. Marion is known for her wicked sense of humor and good nature. She had no problem entertaining a house full of her son's friends and holding her own. She was supportive, compassionate, and humorous.

Marion Cunningham

Debra Barone is your TV mom soul mate. Debra was witty, biting, and often a bit overwhelmed. Despite this, she was a loving and devoted wife and mother. Debra didn't take any grief for anyone. As a spitfire, she could hold her own against anyone, even her overbearing mother in law.

Debra Barone