Which Frequency Do You Resonate At?

Every human operates at a certain frequency; some of us more intense than others. Each frequency correlates to certain areas of life and how our lives tend to go. Do you know which frequency you've been operating at? Could this be determining your entire life? Let's see down below!

Question 1/10

What area of life is most meaningful to you?
My relationships
My family
My work
My self healing
My friendships

Question 2/10

Which of the following questions do you ask the most?
How did it happen?
Why did it happen?
Who am I?
What do you mean?
Why am I here?

Question 3/10

At work, you're someone who always...
Does the bare minimum.
Goes above and beyond.
Loves a challenge.
Enjoys socializing.
Comes in early and leaves late.

Question 4/10

How much do the opinions of others shape how you live your life?
Very much, I take what others think about me to heart.
I consider how others view me.
I take it into account, but always do my own thing.
It depends on the person thinking it.

Question 5/10

Is your personal favorite song an oldie or a new hit?
It's a new hit.
It's kind of old.
It's really old.

Question 6/10

Do you often consider how your actions affect others?
Yes, always.
When it really matters.
I tend to make impulsive choices.
I try to, but sometimes miss the mark.
Not really, I just do my thing.

Question 7/10

If you had to choose between a family reunion or a business trip, which would you go with?
The family reunion.
I'd try to do both.
The business trip.
It depends on the trip.

Question 8/10

What's your idea of a relaxing weekend off?
Spending time in nature.
Volunteering at the community garden.
A weekend trip or getaway.
Shopping with friends.
Relaxing and watching TV.

Question 9/10

When you visit a new place on vacation, what do you do first?
Find new restaurants.
Visit museums and other cultural sites.
Take a quick nap.
Head out for some coffee.
Do some shopping.

Question 10/10

How do you usually communicate with your peers?
Social media
Voice call
You resonate at 528 Hz frequency, also known as the "love frequency." This frequency has been significant since ancient times and has a deep relationship with nature. It is said that this frequency is present in everything from the chlorophyll in plants to human DNA. This is a frequency that has the potential to heal what is broken.

The "love' Frequency

You resonate at 432 Hz frequency, also known as the "Cosmic" frequency. In the universe, this is the magic number. It is said to be the natural frequency of the universe at large, meaning it has cosmic healing potential and attracts the masses to our personal song or music.

The "Cosmic" Frequency

You resonate at 174 Hz frequency, which is known as the "energetic" frequency. This is the lowest frequency on the Solfeggio scale and acts like an energetic anesthesia. It reduces pain in the physical body and mends energetic binds. This frequency helps you to feel secure, stable, and at ease.

The "Energetic" Frequency

You operate at 396 Hz-G, which is known as the "Smooth" frequency! This is a frequency that is low and smooth, helping to cleanse feelings of guilt, fear or trauma. It is released physically in the form of laughing or crying. It has the ability to repair any and all energetic traumas.

The "Smooth" Frequency

You resonate at FA-639 Hz-E Flat. This is a frequency of deep and profound healing. In fact, it is known as the "healing" frequency. It creates space for surrender and is bet associated with intimacy or vulnerability. This frequency is the foundation for every healthy relationship you have.

The "Healing" Requency