Which Board Game Fits Your Personality?

Which classic board game best fits your personality? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10

How often do you play games?
At least once a week
At least once a month
Less than once a month

Question 2/10

Which type of game is your favorite?
Board game
Card game
Video game

Question 3/10

You get a hard trivia question. What do you do?
I guess
I pass
No trivia question is too hard for me

Question 4/10

Pick your favorite game out of these.
Chinese checkers

Question 5/10

As a child, did you make up rules to follow when you played with toys?
Yes, almost always
Yes, but only sometimes
No, never

Question 6/10

You have earned your paycheck. What is the first thing you do?
Pay the bills
Buy a nice meal
Go shopping for something fun

Question 7/10

How long does a perosn need to know you to REALLY know you.
Less than a year
One to five years
More than five years

Question 8/10

Imagine you are back in school. You ave a test tomorrow. What have you done so far?
I have already studied a lot
I haven't studied yet, but I'm going to now
I haven't studied yet, and I'm not going to

Question 9/10

Are you a sore loser or good sport?
Good sport
Sore loser
It depends on the game

Question 10/10

Do you like games that make you use your imagination?
It depends on the game
You are most like the game Monopoly. You are ambitious and competitive. You love it when things go your way, but you can be a little sour when they don't. Play fair in this game and in life so you don't lose any friends, and share your wealth when you have it to make more friends.


You are most like chess. Most everyone has played this game at some point in their lives. This game is heavily associated with logic, and you're a logical person if we've ever seen one. You think before you act, which is great because not a lot of people do that these days. Keep thinking, and you are sure to get ahead!


You are most like the game clue. We mean to say that you are mysterious, and not that you might have killed someone. At least, we hope you didn't do it in the library with a knife. Anyway, your mystery intrigues people, drawing them closer to you. This, along with your charm, is sure to help you to make friends in life.


You are most like the game Trivial Pursuit. You seem to pride yourself in collecting as many facts as you can. You are smart, but you shouldn't brag or else people might think you are a know-it-all. If you play off your smarts as wisdom instead of arrogance, you are sure to get far in life.

Trivial Pursuit

You best match up with the game of Life. You seem like a pretty average person, just living your life. That's why there's no better game for you than life. Live your real life well and maybe you will land yourself in the Millionaire Estates in real life as well as in the game!