Which 1990s TV Family Is Like Yours?

Which famous TV family from the 1990's is your family most like? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10

How old were you in the 1990's?
I was not born yet
I was a child or teenager
I was an adult

Question 2/10

Did you grow up in a house with both of your parents?
No, just one
No, I grew up with other family members/with a foster family

Question 3/10

Did any other relatives live with you?
Yes, all of the time
Yes, some of the time

Question 4/10

Where did you meet your best friend?
At work or school
At a club or other group
I met them randomly

Question 5/10

Do you have any silbings?
No, but I am very close to my cousins

Question 6/10

Did your household have a lot of rules?
It had an average amount of rules

Question 7/10

How often did your family members fight with each other?
Every day
Every week
Every month

Question 8/10

Your family wants to go out to eat. What is most likely to happen?
Everything goes as normal
Drama starts almost right away
There's a 50/50 chance that it will be normal or dramatic

Question 9/10

In your family, you are the...
Fun one
Smart one
Cute one

Question 10/10

If you could trade your family for a new one, would you?
I don't know
The Tanner family from Full House is possibly one of the most famous TV families of all time. This family wasn't the nuclear family TV viewers were used to, but they were cute and charming enough to earn the love of everyone who watched the show. Your family may have some minor flaws, but they can always fix their problems, like the Tanner family.

The Tanners -- Full House

The Winslow family on Family Matters took in the young and quirky Steve Urkle. The family got in its fair share of hijinks, but everything was swell again by the end of each episode. Your family may be a little wacky, but it's great, like the Winslows.

The Winslows -- Family Matters

The Crane family in Fraiser tries to be as professional as possible, even though they end up causing a scandal every once in a while. Your family may try to be perfect, even though it has its flaw, just like this family.

The Cranes -- Frasier

The Barone family in Everyone Loves Raymond was loud and proud of that fact. Life in this house was stressful, especially for Raymond. Even with all of the stress, the family managed to have some good times, like yours does.

The Barones -- Everyone Loves Raymond

The Hill family on King of the Hill was a great picture of the average American family. Like this family, your family is pretty average. It gets in trouble sometimes, but for the most part, they have an okay time, just like your family.

The Hills -- King Of The Hill