What’s Your True St. Patricks Day Personality?

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How festive will you dress for St. Patrick's Day?
I have a whole Irish themed outfit planned out.
I'll probably wear something green.
The louder and more in your face, the better.
I'll just wear what I always wear.

Question 2/10

When's the last time you were drunk?
Last weekend.
A few months ago.
A few years ago.
I can't remember.

Question 3/10

If there's a town parade, will you be attending?
If I have time.
Most definitely, I'll be the one with the beads!
If they're giving away free stuff.
I'll already be at the bar.
Nope, parades aren't my thing.

Question 4/10

Are you actually Irish?
I think there's a little bit of Irish in there somewhere.
I'm 100% Irish.
I'm like 50% Irish at least.
Nope, not a bit!

Question 5/10

What will be your first alcoholic drink on St. Patrick's Day?
A Guinness
One of those green beers
A jello shot
A whiskey
An Irish coffee

Question 6/10

What's the highest level of St. Patrick's debauchery you're guilty of?
Getting sick in public.
Kissing a stranger.
Getting arrested.
Not wearing green.
None of these, I'm a square.

Question 7/10

Step dancing: love it or hate it?
Love it, 100%.
Like it.
Tolerate it.
Hate it.
No opinion.

Question 8/10

You have a solid St. Paddy's buzz going, what do you want to eat?
Corned beef and cabbage.
Shepherd's pie.
A slice of pizza.
A sausage roll.
A Shamrock Shake.

Question 9/10

Would you ever want to visit Ireland?
Absolutely, in a heartbeat!
Maybe one day.
Nope, no interest.

Question 10/10

How many friends will you buy a drink on St. Patrick's Day?
Everyone in the bar.
Anyone who catches my eye.
No one at all!
Your St. Patrick's Day personality is "I'm 20% Irish!" Even though you're barely Irish, you love to embrace your 20% and truly go all out on St. Patrick's Day. Sure, you might not be kissed by the Irish just yet, but that doesn't stop you from pretending.

The "I'm 20%" Irish

On St. Patrick's Day, you're the green beer drinker! You're the person at the bar or pub downing green beer after green beer. You know it's bad and you'll regret it tomorrow, but you can't help but throw everything you have into celebrating this holiday.

The "Green Beer" Drinker

On St. Patrick's Day, you're the pub crawler! Let's face it, you don't care much about the holiday itself or being Irish. To you, St. Patrick's Day is a perfect excuse to go on a pub crawl and get a little drunk. Sure, you'll regret it the day after, but it's all about living in the moment!

The "Pub Crawler"

On St. Patrick's Day, you become the corned beef crusader! While you're not exactly Irish, you still strive to prepare a traditional Irish feast. Corned beef, cabbage, and even potatoes will adorn your table if it's the last thing you do.

The "Corned Beef Crusader"

On St. Patrick's Day, you're that one person who absolutely refuses to wear green. Even if you're Irish, you won't wear a stitch of green or even a greenish hue. The reason? You're just not into gimmicky holidays or doing what's expected. On this holiday, we can find you wearing any color but green.

The "I Refuse To Wear Green" Person

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Whether you're Irish or just playing pretend, we all become someone a bit different on St. Patricks Day. Are you the one leading the parade or are you holed up at the local pub? Let's unearth your true St. Patrick's Day Personality!