What’s Your Hexaco Personality Type?

According to science, the Hexaco personality type test may be one of the most accurate of all. What will your Hexaco results reveal about you? Do you actually know your true personality type? There's only one way to find out. Start the quiz!

Question 1/10

True or false: If you visited an art gallery, you would feel pretty quite bored.

Question 2/10

How often do you clean your home or office?
Twice a week
Once a week
Every other week
Hardly ever

Question 3/10

I rarely hold a grudge, even against people who have badly wronged me.
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree

Question 4/10

How do you feel about yourself overall?
I like myself.
I think I'm pretty great!
I'm doing okay.
There are things I'd like to change.
I'm not entirely happy.

Question 5/10

How would you feel if you had to travel in bad weather conditions?
Very nervous
A little nervous
Completely fine
As I would always feel
Cautious but calm

Question 6/10

If I want something from a person I dislike, I will act very nicely toward that person in order to get it.

Question 7/10

Do you think history is an important subject to learn in school
Yes, history often repeats itself!
Nah, we should cut it down.
Some history is more important than other history.
I love history!

Question 8/10

When working, what kind of goals do you set for yourself?
Realistic goals
Ambitious goals
Short term goals
Long term goals
I don't set goals

Question 9/10

Are you often guilty of being too critical of others?

Question 10/10

Do you think your opinion matters?
Yes, always.
It depends on the subject.
Hardly ever.
Your Hexaco personalty type is (H) Honest-Humility. Your major strengths are sincerity, fairness, modesty, and greed avoidance. Unlike most people, you are a truly authentic and sincere person who places honesty above all else. Loyal to a fault, you're not one to use others to get ahead or make things up as you go. In fact, you hate those who are boastful or pompous.

(H) Honest-humility

Your Hexaco personality type is (E) Emotionality. According to this test, the major facets of your personality are dependence, fearfulness, and anxiety. Do you often feel more anxious than most? That's because you are a very sensitive and sentimental person who often feels fearful of things you can't control. You crave stability and a sense of knowing, but instead find a deep fear of the unknown.

(E) Emotionality

Your Hexaco personality type is (X) Extraversion! The major facets of your personality are, sociability, liveliness, and social self esteem. You're a very outgoing and extroverted person who loves to engage with others. Talkative and cheerful, you don't have a shy bone in your body. While some may feel drained by social interaction, you feel recharged and ready to take on anything.

(X) Extraversion

Your Hexaco personality type is (A) Agreeableness! The major facets of your personality are gentleness, patience, and flexibility. You have a deep inner well of patience and a true sense of peace. You simply live each day by going with the flow and letting the present tense define you. Agreeable and lenient, you aren't much for confrontation or drama. In fact, you tend to avoid conflict at all costs.

Agreeableness (A)

Your Hexaco personality type is (C) Conscientious. The major facets of your personality are organization, diligence, perfectionism, and prudence. Well organized and disciplined, you're always very thorough and precise in your everyday life. You crave a sense of control and strive to have everything in it's proper place. You tend to abhor those who are absent minded or irresponsible.

(C) Conscientious