What Would You Change In America If You Became President?

What would your new policies and laws be?

Question 1/10

Do you consider yourself a people person?
Not at all
Sometimes I do

Question 2/10

Which issue is most important to you?
The drug war
Death penalty
Gun laws

Question 3/10

Do you believe every human has a right no matter what?
Of course
It depends
No I don't

Question 4/10

How do you usually deal with criticism?
I take it in stride
I'm okay with it

Question 5/10

Do you believe the laws that are currently in place are too strict?
All of them are
Some are
Not really

Question 6/10

What do you hope to do as president?
Change the economic status
Save lives
Give people their rights
Help people succeed

Question 7/10

How are you under stress?
Absolutely terrible
I'm okay with it
I work pretty well under stress

Question 8/10

Are you able to get along with people who may not agree with you on important issues?
Not at all
I could for a short while
Yes I could

Question 9/10

How are you at keeping secrets?
I'm pretty good at it
I'm not the best
I'm terrible

Question 10/10

Are you willing to oppose the popular opinion just to get your point across?
Yes I am
I'm unsure
No I'm not
One thing you would do if you became president is end the war on drugs and make them legalized. You believe it would help the economy stop so much spending on law enforcement and prisons.

End The War On Drugs

You believe that if a woman wants an abortion then it's completely her choice. You'd like to open up more free clinics and Planned Parenthood locations and protect the status of abortion as much as you could.

Protect The Legal Status Of Abortion

You're not someone who believes in the death penalty and you think that it shouldn't exist anymore. You find it a cruel act and believe that a human has rights no matter how vile they may be.

Abolish The Death Penalty

You believe that the laws on guns are way too strict lately and think that the rules should be a lot more relaxed. You know that it's important to be able to obtain a form of protection in order to be safe.

More Relaxed Gun Laws

You believe that education should be free or at least a lot cheaper than it is now. You think that it's way too expensive to go to school nowadays and that students will be in debt for many years.

Free Education