What Type of Traveler Are You Actually?

Traveling can bring out the best or worst in people! Do you know what kind of traveler you really are? Take these 10 simple quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10

What's the most important foreign phrase to learn?
"Thank you!"
"Excuse me!'
"Let's get a drink!"

Question 2/10

Where is your dream vacation located?
On a relaxing beach.
In the heart of a city.
A snowy mountain.
A foreign country.
A peaceful countryside.

Question 3/10

When packing for a trip, you always bring...
Everything you could ever possibly need.
The essentials.
Nothing, I'll buy things when I arrive.
Just clothing and shoes.

Question 4/10

It's raining, what do you do to pass the time?
Watch TV or a movie
Put on a rain coat and go out anyway
Visit a museum
Hole up in the local bar
Order room service

Question 5/10

When looking through travel photos, what would we find?
A lot of sunrises and sunsets
Family selfies
Historic sites
Me with the locals
Lots of food

Question 6/10

What's your first stop after arriving in a destination?
A restaurant
The bathroom
The hotel
A local cafe
I'm not sure

Question 7/10

What activity would you like to do on vacation?
Visiting art galleries and museums
Sleeping in
Visiting historical sites
Riding a vespa through a charming town

Question 8/10

Do you suffer from anxiety about flying?

Question 9/10

Which app do you use most while traveling?

Question 10/10

Who do you often travel with?
My friends
My family
My signficiant other
I travel solo
This quiz revealed that you're the happy traveler! You always keep a positive attitude and a sense of optimism on every journey. You know that you can't control or predict what happens on you trip, but you can maintain your attitude!

The Happy Traveler

This quiz revealed that you're the Type A traveler! Every aspect of your trip is always planned out by the hour. You're an organized packer who knows exactly where everything is and what you might need. You've planned out every bathroom stop, restaurant, and destination. You don't leave a thing to chance!

The Type A Traveler

This quiz revealed that you're the spontaneous traveler! You're not one to carefully plan a trip or do any research too far in advance. Instead, you arrive in your destination and let life take you where it may. You embrace the opportunity to try new foods, learn about new cultures, and mingle with the locals. You treat every trip as an experience to change, grow, and learn more about yourself.

The Spontaneous Traveler

This quiz revealed that you're the weary traveler! For you, traveling often feels more exhausting than just staying home and going to work. From airline headaches to dealing with hotel check ins, you often feel a bit beaten down by the travel experience!

The Weary Traveler

This quiz revealed that you're the highly social traveler! For you, every trip is an opportunity to meet new people and learn about new cultures. You love to step into a small bar or cafe and strike up a conversation. Not only are you social in the real world, but you love to share every aspect of your trip with your followers on social media!

The Social Traveler