What Should You Be The God Of?

Question 1/10

You’re an all-powerful deity. Congratulations. What’s your first act?
Take a nap.
Start meddling in people's love lives.
Organizing world peace.
Turning clouds to sunshine.
Inventing suffering.

Question 2/10

Which type of environment makes you feel the most divine?

Question 3/10

When it comes to conflict, you tend to....
Meet it head on and resolve it right away.
Let it fester, I like the drama.
Avoid it like the black plague.
Talk it out harmoniously.

Question 4/10

Which type of climate do you prefer?
Warm and breezy
Cool and rainy
Hot and dry
All four seasons.
Brisk and refreshing

Question 5/10

Which emotion are you ruled by?

Question 6/10

One of your people is praying to you. What do you do?
Blow them over. I run this show now!
Reward them for their faithfulness.
Answer their prayers.
Ignore them, there's billions of people on earth.

Question 7/10

Is it better to be humble or confident?
It's good to be a bit of both.

Question 8/10

When do you feel the most powerful?
When making others happy.
When I'm leading something.
When I'm calm and relaxed.
When I'm being praised.
When I'm with those I love most.

Question 9/10

Would you rather be all-knowing or all-powerful?
I'd rather be all-knowing.
I'd rather be all-powerful.
It depends on the day.

Question 10/10

Which food would give you the most godly energy?
Ice cream
You should be the god of love and relationships! You understand what love means how relationships should work better than anyone else. You've got a deep well of inner compassion and a true sense of intuition. With these two things, you always navigate the waters of love with ease and skill. Love is all about understanding, compromise, and communication. You know this better than most!

Love And Relationships

You should be the god of war and conflict! Let's face it, you love a bit of drama and you live to stir the pot. You're not one who likes it when life feels easy or complacent, which is why you're always looking for trouble. You have a strong disdain for authority and aren't keen on playing by the rules. You'd love to create a bit of chaos in the world!

War And Conflict

You should be the god of nature and weather! You've always had a strong connection to the natural world, often feeling the most at peace when outside and surrounded by the beauty of nature. You strive to be responsible and protect what you love, even at the expense of being called a hippie! You of all people should be in charge of nature and weather. You might just make the earth an even better place!

Nature And Weather

You should be the god of human emotion! Few people possess the compassion and insight into the human soul that you do. You truly understand people and can feel their plight as it is your own. You're not afraid to be vulnerable and others often look to you for advice or a shoulder to cry on. If anyone could rule human emotion, it's you!

Human Emotion

You should be the god of fertility and birth! You believe that family is everything and that life is a precious gift. You're gentle and kind, yet strong and resilient. You're not easily beaten down, yet you approach life in a soft way. You are both innocent and experienced, which is what the god of fertility and birth should be!

Fertility And Birth

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