What Parenting Advice Would You Give To Others?

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You and your significant other both work crazy hours in order to support the family. How do you explain this to your kids?
Tell them that Mom and Dad work so hard to give them good lives
Explain that it's good to work hard for what you want
Complain that it's all their fault
Explain that sometime's in life you have to work hard to play hard

Question 2/10

Do you believe that R-rated moves are appropriate for kids?
Yes but it depends on the theme
In certain instances they can teach valuable lessons
No never they're not ready for that
No there's a reason that rating exists
I'm not sure

Question 3/10

If your child were to express an interest in Science, what would you do?
Enroll them in after school science programs
Start planning science based activities
Buy them several books on becoming a scientist
Encourage them to explore their world
Tell them that they'll have a lot of interests as they grow up

Question 4/10

How do you feel about your children participating in sports?
I think it's a great way for them to develop leadership skills
It's good for them to learn teamwork
It's way to dangerous
I don't want my kids associating with the type of kids who play sports
I want them to focus on academics

Question 5/10

In your opinion, giving your child a unique name is ......
A recipe for disaster
A great way to teach them that being unique is awesome
A great way for them to stand out
Setting them up for bullying

Question 6/10

How many children do you currently have or plan to have?
One or two
Two or three
Three or four
Five or more
I don't know

Question 7/10

Your ten year old child is begging you to let her wear makeup. What do you do?
I tell her we can have fun with it at home only
I let her try out some of mine
I tell her she can wear it when she's older
I tell her she's perfect and beautiful as she is
I remind her to love herself naturally

Question 8/10

Is a sixteen year old ready to date?
I'm not so sure
It depends on their maturity level
No way
I'm not sure

Question 9/10

Do you believe that kids should be allowed to pick out their own outfits from an early age?
Definitely it fosters self expression
It's a great way to teach them about appropriate attire
No they need guidance
It honestly depends on the kid

Question 10/10

Which career path would you feel most uncomfortable letting your child pursue?
Law enforcement
Performing arts
The parenting advice you would give to others is to foster resilience in your child. It's not always easy to watch your children struggle or fail, but in the face of obstacle, they build character, resilience, and a strong sense of what they're capable of. If you could pass any bit of advice along to others, it's to let your kids make mistakes and build strength.

Foster Resilience

The parenting advice that you would give to others is to always cheer your children on! Sometimes all kids need is to feel like someone is in their corner. Cheering on your children through their triumphs and failures gives them the support they need to achieve whatever they put their minds to.

Always Cheer Them On

The parenting advice you would give to others is to encourage their children to read. Reading is one of the easiest ways to foster imagination in a child. Not only will they develop strong reading and language skills, but they'll gain a love of knowledge. Creating an avid reader benefits the kids and society as a whole.

Encourage Reading

The parenting advice you would give to others is to let kids be kids. In the modern age, it seems as if we're forcing children to grow up and abandon childhood sooner than ever. It's important for kids to have a period of time in which they can play, imagine, and enjoy the freedom of becoming whatever it is they are meant to be.

Let Your Kids Be Kids

The parenting advice you would give to others is to communicate honestly with children! While many parents think they're doing their kids a favor by keeping them from the truth, what they're really doing is shielding them from understanding the world as it truly is.

Communicate Honestly

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