What % Lumbersexual Are You?

Bust out your flannel and start grooming your bead. It's time to find out just how much of a lumbersexual you really are! Those who are lumbersexual tend to rock a beard, love the great outdoors, and own more than there fair share of plaid. Are you a true lumbersexual or just a poser? Let's find out!

Question 1/10

Do you live in the Pacific Northwest?
No, I'm from the south.
No, I'm from the midwest.
Yes, I call this beautiful region home.
Nope, I'm from the northeast.

Question 2/10

Do you use Brawney paper towels just for the lumberjack?
Yes, what other brand would I use?
Nope, paper towels are all the same.
Possibly, if they were on sale.

Question 3/10

Forget where you live now, where do you WANT to live?
Portland, Oregon
Portland, Maine
Anywhere in Canada
Somewhere in Vermont
I'm not sure yet...

Question 4/10

You're stranded in the wilderness. Do you know how to forage for food?
Not really, I don't know what's poisonous or not.
I know how to fish.
I could probably forage three meals a day.
Describe "foraging?"

Question 5/10

What kind of shoes are you wearing right now?
Leather desert boots
Keen hiking boots
Wing tips
Plain old sneakers

Question 6/10

How many tattoos do you have?
A full sleeve on one arm.
A full sleeve on both arms.
One or two small ones.
A handful all over.

Question 7/10

While vacationing in a Canadian cabin, your girlfriend asks you to "split some kindling." Do you know what this is, and how to do it?
Duh, who doesn't?
I get the idea of it.
Nope, but that's why Google exists!
I do, but I'm not going to do that.

Question 8/10

You've had a rough week at work. What kind of drink will you be treating yourself to when you get home?
A glass of red wine.
A craft beer.
A La Croix.
Any kind of whiskey.

Question 9/10

Your favorite flannel is torn and you need a new one. Where will you be shopping?
Eddie Bauer
Army Navy
The thrift store

Question 10/10

What's your favorite kind of wood?
Uh, I don't have one....
You're 100% lumbersexual! Go ahead and order that beard oil in bulk. You're a well groomed yet surprisingly outdoorsy soul who really brings all the lumberjack vibes. Sure, you may not cut actual wood that often, but you'll get there one day.

100% Lumbersexual

Your 80% lumbersexual! You probably spend more time grooming your beard than is entirely sane, yet your look is what truly sets you apart from the pack. You always buy the best flannels, secretly yearn to live in the Pacific Northwest and have a beard that would make Ron Swanson proud.

80% Lumbersexual

You're 30% lumbersexual! You've got the beard, the flannel, and the personality. Now all you need is a bit of lumbersexual ambition for the great outdoors. While you may love a good day hike, you're not into chopping wood or hanging out in the elements any longer than you have to.

30% Lumbersexual

You're 10% lumbersexual! Okay, so you might have a bit of a beard going on, but that's the extent of your lumbersexuality. You're not keen on flannel, hate the idea of living in somewhere like the Pacific Northwest and have probably never corrected someone on coffee origins.

10% Lumbersexual

You're 20% lumbersexual! Though you may have a pretty decent beard, you're lacking in some of the traits of a lumbersexual. Not only are you pretty adverse to the great outdoors, but you don't really have an interest in coffee, cozy nights, or craft beer. You like to be your own person, which means you'll never be defined by any quiz.

20% Lumbersexual