How Would You Die In A Disney Movie?

Sure, Disney movies are often full of happy endings and fairy dust, but there can also be some tragedy! If you were to die in a Disney movie, how would you go out? Would it be tragic and sudden or a bit more rewarding for the audience? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
How many kids do you have?
Just one.
Two more more.

Question 2/10
Do you have a good relationship with your family?
I get along well with all of my family members.
We're a very tight knit group.
For the most part, I squabble with my siblings sometimes.
We fight like cats and dogs.
It depends on the day.

Question 3/10
When you're in the middle of a big crowd, you tend to feel...

Question 4/10
What's one activity you would NEVER try?
Hang gliding
Rock climbing
Paddle boarding
Wildlife photography

Question 5/10
Are you motivated by greed?
Isn't everyone?
Nah, I prefer the simple things in life.
Sometimes, it's hard no to be.
Yes, a million times over.

Question 6/10
What is scariest about a carnival?
The rides.
The people.
The animals.
The unhealthy foods.
Nothing is scary about a carnival!

Question 7/10
Where would you want to live?
A secluded cabin in the woods.
A coastal paradise.
A desert oasis.
A bustling city.
A charming farmhouse.

Question 8/10
You've finished a long work project. What makes you happiest?
That it's done.
That I did a good job.
That my boss was happy.
That we worked together.
That I can start on something new!

Question 9/10
Are you protective of friends and family?
Definitely, I would sacrifice my life for them!
I care very deeply for my loved ones.
Yes, I'd do anything for them!
Somewhat, but there are limitations.
Not at all.

Question 10/10
What would have been your favorite toy as a kid?
Stuffed animal
Polly Pocket
You may want to start to develop a fear of heights! This quiz revealed that your Disney movie death would likely involve falling from a cliff. While your death would include falling hard and fast, at least you'd enjoy a nice view on your way to the bottom. Sorry, to say you're going out this way!

Fall From A Cliff
You've always had a bit of fear of certain animals, but now you know why! Your Disney death would likely involve being attacked by a wild animal. Unfortunately, your final few moments would involve a flurry of fur, teeth, and claws. Well, there may be worse ways to go....maybe.

Attacked By An Animal
You've always had a weird hatred for hunting, now you know why! Your Disney death would likely involve being shot by a hunter. Much like Bambi's mother, you would unfortunately meet a bitter end by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Your death would be tragic and sad, but a true return to the earth.

Shot By A Hunter
You might want to avoid the Sahara desert for the next few years! Your Disney death would involve getting trampled by a stampede. Suddenly, you'd feel the earth shake as the feet of hundreds of animals strike the ground in unison. Without warning, you would die tragically but not without a bit of heroism.

Trampled In A Stampede
Don't take any apples from strangers and certainly don't drink any weird potions or elixirs! Your Disney death is bound to include a bit of poison and likely at least one wicked witch. Be careful who you get too close with!