How Polite Are You?

Are you known for your manners and polite way with others? Or are you often seen as a bit crass? Take this quiz and find out how polite you are!

Question 1/10
If someone asks you to pass the salt, moments before you were about to use it, what do you do?
I use it and then pass it
I pass it right away
I hesitate and ask if I can use it first
I don't pass the salt

Question 2/10
If you are about to enter a store, but get stuck behind an elderly person walking quite slow, do you pass them?
Yes I can't slow down
I pass them to hold the door for them
I patiently walk behind them
I go around them and flash them a dirty look

Question 3/10
If the food you order at a restaurant is not up to your standards, how do you react?
I send it back
I don't tip the watier
I just don't eat it
I complain to the manager

Question 4/10
If your best friend gives you a terrible gift, how do you react?
I thank them profusely
I say something sarcastic and rude
Exchange it as soon as I can
Get angry
Keep it anyway

Question 5/10
If you accidentally burp at a dinner party, what do you do?
Say excuse me
Say excuse me and laugh it off
Laugh but say nothing
Pretend it didn't happen

Question 6/10
Have you ever texted during a movie or at dinner?
Guilty as charged
Once or twice

Question 7/10
After throwing a birthday party, how long do you wait to send out thank you cards?
A day or two
A week or two
A month or so
I don't send thank you cards

Question 8/10
How often are you late for appointments or meetings?
More often than I'd like to admit
Every now and then

Question 9/10
How do you pass the time when waiting in line at a store?
I read magazines
I complain loudly
Look at my phone
Chat with the people around me
Huff and puff

Question 10/10
You're at a dinner party and the main dish is something you hate, how do you react?
I politely try to eat it
I eat everything except that
I tell the host I don't like it
You are super polite. When it comes to manners, you almost always mind yours. You're never one to be rude or crass with others, rather you always put your best foot forward.

Super Polite
You are extremely polite. Please and thank you aren't quite enough for you, you take your manners one step farther. You'll hold the door for someone well across a parking lot, you always respond with yes sir or yes ma'am, and you're never one to miss an opportunity to show gratitude.

Extremely Polite
You are polite and well mannered. You always say please and thank you, and you're always use proper etiquette when interacting with others. You know your environment well and behave accordingly.

Polite and Well Mannered
You are somewhat polite. While you're never rude, you can often make jokes or comments that could be seen as impolite in certain situations. Despite this, you are still as polite and classy as the rest of us!

Somewhat Polite
You have polite tendencies. You tend to take a modern approach to manners. You know when to put your best foot forward, and when you can relax and let yourself breathe. While you're never rude, manners just aren't a high priority for you.

Polite Tendencies