How High Are Your Anxiety Levels?

Anxiety can be difficult to cope with, especially if you don't have the tools necessary to fight it head on. Do you think your anxiety levels are a bit too high? Take this quiz and find out just how high your anxiety levels really are!

Question 1/10
How often do you find yourself becoming stressed over trivial things?
All the time
Every now and then
Almost never

Question 2/10
Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you experience difficulty breathing?
Yes almost daily
Only if I'm very stressed
This never happens to me

Question 3/10
When feeling overwhelmed, I talk about my feelings to........
A close friend
A family member
A therapist or counselor
My significant other
I don't talk to anyone

Question 4/10
To de-stress or calm down, I most like to.......
Talk to a friend
Take a warm bath
I don't know how to calm down

Question 5/10
Has anyone ever accused you of overreacting to a situation?
More than once
Once or twice
Not that I can remember
I never overreact

Question 6/10
How patient are you?
I'm extremely patient
I'm kind of patient
I'm very impatient
It depends on the situation

Question 7/10
When in the midst of a stressful situation, I often find myself......
Breathing irregularly
Sweating a great deal
Having irrational thoughts
Thinking things through
Calling up a friend

Question 8/10
On a scale of 1 to 10, how irritable are you?

Question 9/10
Do you find it hard to self sooth or calm down when something upsets you?
It depends on the situation
It depends on if I'm alone or not

Question 10/10
What field of work are you currently in?
Computers/ IT
Creative arts
Your anxiety levels are very high! Unfortunately, you seem to be under quite a bit of stress and duress at this current point in your life. Whether it's being over anxious about work, relationships, or finances, you're not feeling settled in the least. Try breathing exercises, meditation, or talking to a friend.

Anxiety Code Red
You're an anxiety code orange! While thing's might not be at their worst, you're feeling mounting levels of anxiety and stress. You often feel panicked, nervous, and a bit out of sorts. You're not yourself and are often caught in irrational through spirals. The good news is, anxiety doesn't have to control your life. Through hard work, coping skills, and a strong support system, you can get back to feeling mellow and calm.

Anxiety Code Orange
You are experiencing an average amount of anxiety. We all experience anxiety sometimes. Between work, life, relationships, and money; things can often build up and overwhelm us. The good news is, average anxiety doesn't last forever. It's typically related to a certain situation and will fade as soon as you've reached an outcome or conclusion.

Anxiety Average
You're experiencing anxiety ups and downs! Somedays you wake up feeling completely calm about life and all that it entails. Other days, you feel completely overwhelmed and anxious, sometimes about things that are not worthy of your time and energy. The key is to find some semblance of balance and to identify what is making you happy on a good day and anxious on a bad day.

Anxiety Ups and Downs
You currently have low anxiety levels! While you experience stress and nervousness just like anyone else, you're anxiety levels are typically quite low. You know how to process and sort your thoughts in a way that keeps you from fixating on any one thing or situation for too long. This leaves you feeling anxiety and stress free!

Low Anxiety Levels