How Efficient Is Your Life According To Oprah?

Oprah Winfrey is more than a talk show host and humanitarian, she is also working tirelessly to help individuals lead their best lives. Do you think your life is efficient? It's time to find out how efficient your life is according to Oprah.

Question 1/10
Do you feel as if you've struck a good balance between work and play?
I struggle to find the balance
I think I've found a good balance
It varies week by week

Question 2/10
How often are you running late for an appointment or meeting?
I'm pretty much always running late
I run late every now and then
I never run late

Question 3/10
How often do you speak with your parents or relatives?
Every few months

Question 4/10
What's the state of your house right now?
It looks like a bomb went off
It's pretty messy
It's a little cluttered
It's neat
It's organized and clean

Question 5/10
When you go shopping you come back with...
Everything I went for
Everything I went for and then some
A bevy of impulse buys

Question 6/10
Is your yard kept up all the time?

Question 7/10
What skill do you wish you were better at?
Financial planning
Advice giving

Question 8/10
What's your most used phone app?

Question 9/10
Is your fridge filled with leftovers?

Question 10/10
What's your worst quality?
Judging others
Not taking things seriously
Easily frustrated
According to Oprah's guidelines, your life is extremely efficient. Let's just say, you're a well oiled machine. Your organized, timely, and always put together. You know that the key to a streamlined and easy life is to get all of your ducks in a row first.

Extremely Efficient
Based on Oprah's standards, your life is very efficient! You've streamlined your bills, emails, and dates. You're well organized, level headed, and always looking at life through a place of logic.

Very Efficient
Based on Oprah's standards, your life is somewhat efficient. You may be totally efficient and on top of things at work, but your home life is a different story. As soon as you clock out, you're simply too tired to streamline your personal life into a model of efficiency. Don't worry, you'll get there one day!

Somewhat Efficient
Based on Oprah's standards, you are not very efficient at all when it comes to everyday life. While you always manage to complete your daily tasks and get everything done, it often comes with quite a bit of stress and anxiety. Try to organize your day little by little. You'll start to feel better in no time!

Not Efficient
Based on Oprah's standards, your life is on the brink of becoming efficient. You've made some major changes in recent years which has lead to an uptick in efficiency. While there are some things you need to work on, you've certainly made great strides in leading a truly efficient life.

On The Brink