How Connected Are You With Your Partner?

Connection goes beyond closeness. When you form a connection to another person you feel an unbreakable bond that tethers you to them forever. How connected are you and your partner?

Question 1/10
How often do you tell your partner that you love him/her?
Several times a day
Once a day
Every few days
Once a week
When I feel the need to

Question 2/10
When your partner is having a rough time in life or at work, do you listen intently to their problems?
I listen and relay information back to them
I not only listen but I try to advise and console
I half listen
I attempt to listen

Question 3/10
When your partner asks you to do a favor for them, do you ask for anything in return?
Yes, it's only fair
No I do it because I love them
I hope for something in return but I don't ask
No but they'll return the favor anyway

Question 4/10
What do you most often find you and your partner talking about?
Anything and everything
Our goals and ambitions

Question 5/10
How often do you find yourself engaged in an argument with your partner?
Once a week
Once a month

Question 6/10
Do you feel sexually attracted to your partner?
Rawr! Yes!
Sadly not really

Question 7/10
Do you find your partner's habits to be annoying or quirky/cute?
It depends on the day

Question 8/10
Answer truthfully: I did something nice for my partner this week.
How nice?

Question 9/10
My partner did something nice and unexpected for me this week.
Define nice?

Question 10/10
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your partner's feelings?
I hate to admit it but yes
No I never feel overwhelmed
Every now and then
You share a soul level connection with your partner. Not only do you feel as if your partner truly understands you and listens, but you confide in them your darkest secrets. You and your partner go beyond being lovers, you are also best friends. You enjoy spending as much time together as possible. You've found a forever love!

Soul Level Connection
You and your partner are close and connected! You share a bond that is unlike any other. You both feel as if you can be yourselves in front of the other. From being silly and childlike, to having deep and serious conversations, you found a partner that can fit any facet of your personality. Well done!

Close and Connected
You and your partner are connected forever! You're truly one of the lucky ones. You found a partner who shares a deep and mutual bond with you. There is never a moment of doubt or judgement when it comes to your love and commitment. Your love is easy, relaxed, and flawless.

Connected Forever
You and your significant other are somewhat connected! While you and your partner are truly bonded and committed, there are moments where you feel misunderstood or as if you're not being heard. You have always struggled with the idea of not being heard, and your partner doesn't always make this easy.

Somewhat Connected
You and your partner are close but somewhat disconnected. While you are committed, in love, and truly appreciative of one another, you don't always feel as if you've found a soul level match. This often comes from differences in morals, ideas on how to raise a family, and difficulty communicating with one another.

Close but Disconnected