Could You Survive One Day Of Babysitting A Kid?

Babysitting might seem pretty simple, but could you actually survive one day of watching a few tough kids? It's time to really put your patience to the test! Could you babysit these kids for one day? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
What are you going to wear to your babysitting gig?
My new top and pants.
Workout clothes.
Anything I would clean the house in.

Question 2/10
The kid's parents leave a list of instructions. What do you do with them?
Read them carefully once then toss them.
Take a photo of them with my phone in case I lose them.
Keep them on my person at all time.

Question 3/10
It's dinner time and the kids are hungry animals. What are you making them?
Mac n' cheese.
I'm ordering pizza.
Fish sticks and french fries.

Question 4/10
Surprise, the family also has a rowdy dog. He needs to go out. What do you do with the kids?
Bring them with, we're all going for a walk.
Let the dog out off leash and hope for the best.
Take the dog out and pray the kids don't get hurt.

Question 5/10
The youngest kid is supposed to be in bed by 7 PM. He's bouncing off the walls and begging to watch another movie. What do you do?
Let him stay up for one more movie. What's the harm?
Send him to bed and hope for the best.
Offer to read him a bedtime story instead.

Question 6/10
Uh-oh, the oldest kid has decided to dump all of the pizza in the toilet. Now it's clogged. What do you do?
Put them in time out and then plunge the toilet.
Make them plunge the toilet.
Send them to bed and call a plumber.

Question 7/10
The dog just ate one of the kid's favorite toys. What do you do?
Explain that toys are just toys and can be replaced.
Console them and offer to buy them another.
Tell them to suck it up, life happens.

Question 8/10
One kid is too cold, the other is too hot. What do you do?
Give one a blanket and the other an ice pop.
Tell them it's fine and tune them out.
Set the thermostat at different levels in each room.

Question 9/10
The boys ask if they can have some chocolate before bed. What do you do?
Give them the chocolate. Kids are kids.
Tell them they need to earn it.
Let them have a little chocolate, but not all of it.

Question 10/10
The night's over and you didn't get paid what you thought. What do you do?
Refuse to leave until I get my money.
Ask them to send it to me.
Shrug it off and leave.
You could survive one day of babysitting these kids! You've got nerves of steel and the patience of a saint. More than that, you know how to talk to a naughty kid without escalating the situation. You're clever in more ways than one! In this case, your creativity and charm is a total blessing! Go ahead, book that babysitting job, you can handle it.

You Could Survive Babysitting!
You could survive one day of babysitting these kids, but it most certainly wouldn't be easy! While you've got the patience of a true saint, you also tend to get overwhelmed kind of easily. Thankfully, you're skilled at taking a deep breath and assessing any situation with ease. You don't get mad, you get creative. Instead of screaming into you're red in the face, you can diffuse any situation with a little clever talking.

You Would Survive, But It Wouldn't Be Easy!
Unfortunately, you would not survive one day of babysitting a problem child! Hey, kids aren't always easy and bad kids can break even the most stoic person right to the core. You've never been known for your patience or staying calm in panicked situations. You might fare better just hanging out with the adults for now!

You Would Not Survive A Day Of Babysitting!