Can We Guess Your Shoe Size?

Do you think we can guess your shoe size based on a few personality questions? It's time to find out just how good we are! Take these 10 questions and see if we can guess your shoe size!

Question 1/10
What's your height?

Question 2/10
How much did you weigh as a baby?
More than 8 lbs
Less than 6 pounds

Question 3/10
Where do you prefer to buy your shoes?
Anywhere they're on sale
High end department stores
Discount stores

Question 4/10
What's your go to style of footwear?
Ballet flats
High heels

Question 5/10
Do people usually think that you are older or younger than your actual age?
They usually guess correctly

Question 6/10
Are you taller than your mother?
Only in heels

Question 7/10
How often does shoe shopping leave you feeling frustrated?
Ugh, always!
Never it's a blast!
It depends on the day.

Question 8/10
What do you wish you could change about your physical appearance?
My nose
My eyes
My feet
My hands
My legs

Question 9/10
Which pet would you most like to own?

Question 10/10
What do you most like to do to relax?
Get lost in a book
Lay outside in a hammock
Finish a craft project
Watch some good television
Bake or cook something yummy
We think you wear a size 9 shoe! Based on your height, shoe preferences and sense of style, we're betting that you rock this unique and slightly above average shoe size. We commend you for rocking your look and never getting discouraged while shoe shopping (we definitely feel your pain)!

Size 9
We believe that you wear a size 5 1/2 shoe! Your petite frame, girly girl attitude, and sense of fashion makes you a perfect candidate for this shoe size. Not only do you often get pick of the litter while shoe shopping, but your small feet makes wearing heels almost enjoyable!

Size 5 1/2
We believe that you wear a size 8 1/2 shoe! This average shoe size is pretty common amongst women and some men. Based on your height, fashion sense, and general attitude towards shoes, we think 8 1/2 is your perfect fit.

Size 8 1/2
We believe you're a size 6 shoe! Your girly girl style and bubbly personality, lead us to believe that you've got feet on the small side. We have a feeling that shoe shopping is enjoyable and fun for you! You've always got your pick of styles and choices and they're almost never out of your size!

Size 6
We believe that you are a size 7 shoe! In the United States, 7 is slightly below average. The good news? Unlike some foot sizes, you can wear pretty much whatever kind of shoes you want. So go ahead, don those awesome fringe sandals!

Size 7