Can We Guess Your Current Location?

You can try but you can't hide!

Question 1/10
How many people are around you right now?
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Question 2/10
Are you procrastinating at all?
Yes I am
No I'm not
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Question 3/10
What's above you currently?
Popcorn ceiling
Florescent lights
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Question 4/10
What is below you currently?
Wood floor
My bed
Laminate floors
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Question 5/10
Are you currently moving or sitting still?
I'm moving
Sitting still
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Question 6/10
How loud could you be right now?
As loud as I want
About normal speaking volume
I have to be pretty quiet
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Question 7/10
Is it morning or night?
It's morning
It's nighttime
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Question 8/10
Are you surrounded by any animals?
Yes I am
No I'm not
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Question 9/10
Are you surrounded by strangers?
Not at all
Kind of
Yes I am
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Question 10/10
Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?
Yeah I do
I'm pretty content right now
You're probably relaxing on the couch or on your computer chair just taking this quiz. You're probably feeling a bit relaxed without a care in the world.

At Home
We found you and you just happen to be in a car! Hopefully you're one of the passengers taking this quiz and not driving preoccupied.

In The Car
It seems you're at work and procrastinating. You're not in the mood to do any current responsibilities and so you're just browsing the Internet at work.

At Work
You're chilling in a house right but not yours! You're actually relaxing in one of your friend's homes and just enjoying the day.

At A Friend's House
You happen to currently under the sky and enjoying the day. You're relaxing outdoors in some beautiful weather while taking this quiz.

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