Can We Guess Your Birth Order?

Are you the first born, middle kid, or the baby of the family? Take this quiz to see if we can guess where you fit in your family.

Question 1/10
How likely are your parents to spoil you?

Question 2/10
What are your chores like at home?
I don't have any chores, other than cleaning my room.
I have a few chores here and there.
I basically clean the whole house!

Question 3/10
Do you get along with your siblings?
We're the best of friends!
We friends one minute and enemies the next
We don't get along at all
I don't have any siblings

Question 4/10
Are you a responsible person?
I have to be
I try to be
I'm not

Question 5/10
Your parents say, "We need to talk." What's the first thing that comes to mind?
I must be in trouble
They must have a present for me!
My parents never say something like that

Question 6/10
Are you involved with any clubs or sports at school?
I'm in the band
Drama club is my thing
I'm an athlete
Student government is for me
I'm not in any clubs

Question 7/10
You want to go out on a Friday night. How likely will your parents say yes?
They'll say yes for sure
I can go, but only if I do my chores first
My parents never let me go out

Question 8/10
You've won an award. Do your parents show up for the ceremony?
Of course!
They'll show up, but they'll be late, too
They won't show up
I wouldn't tell them about the award in the first place

Question 9/10
Do your siblings look up to you?
I'm practically their role model
We look up to each other
I look up to them
I don't have any siblings

Question 10/10
Your sibling is having a hard time. How do you comfort them?
We can talk out their problem
We can get snacks and do other things to get distracted from the problem
I'll leave them alon
I don't have a sibling
I was probably the one who made them upset....
We guess that you are the oldest kid in your family. You are the one that your younger siblings look up to. It can get a little annoying having the most responsibilities, but it can be rewarding when your siblings want to grow up to be just like you!

You Are The Oldest Kid!
We guess that you are the middle kid! Somtimes you may feel ignored, but that also means that you can get away with a little more than your other siblings. You're always doing more to stand out from the rest of your siblings.

You Are The Middle Kid!
We guess that you are the youngest kid! You are the baby of the family. Your parents spoil you and you can get away with just about anything. Your older siblings might get jealous of you at times, but that's okay. They will always love their baby sibling.

You Are The Youngest Kid!
We guess that you are an only child! Your parents have throw all of thier attention at you, probably because they don't have any other kids to give it to. It may be a little overwhelming at times, but not having to share your toys as a kid must have been great!

You Are An Only Child!
We guess that you are a twin! You were born at about the same time as someone else. You may argue with your sibling about who is older, but is there really much of a difference? You do what you can to stand out, but you and your twin likely have more in common than not.

You Are A Twin!