Can We Guess How Sporty You Are?

Are you a natural athlete, good at every sport, or do you need to practice like crazy just to simply catch a ball? Take this quiz, and we'll try to guess your sportiness level!

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What's your favorite Olympic sport to watch?
Track & Field
Figure Skating
Ice Hockey
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Question 2/10
What's your sports motto?
Teamwork makes the dreamwork!
Practice makes perfect!
Go team go!
Follow your instincts.
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Question 3/10
Which sport are you best at?
Track & Field
Football (Soccer)
I'm more of a sports watcher.
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Question 4/10
Which outdoor activity do you enjoy most?
Pick-up football (soccer) games
Having picnics
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Question 5/10
Where is your dream vacation spot?
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Question 6/10
What's your favorite season?
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Question 7/10
How long have you been playing sports?
Since I was little
Since high school
I've dabbled in some sports here and there
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Question 8/10
What's your favorite section of the newspaper?
Human interest pieces
International news
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Question 9/10
What's your favorite part about sports?
Getting to follow all of my favorite teams
The high I get from doing what I love
Feeling that success of a win worked hard for
The camaraderie I get from being on a team
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Question 10/10
Which bird fits your personality best?
You know you're not the most talented athlete, but you are one heck of a sports enthusiast! You know all the rosters, plays, and colors of your favorite teams. You're always the first to know which team is playing which and when, and you're the most spirited person on those bleachers!

Sports Enthusiast
You are a very social, outgoing person. You don't like individual sports as much as you absolutely LOVE team sports. You enjoy the camaraderie and group spirit, and you always give your best when you're on a team.

Team Player
You are a dedicated athlete. You may not have had the most natural athletic talent, but you love sports and you always give 110% at practice so that you can excel in the sports that you love. You are the dedicated, hard working athlete!

Dedicated Athlete
You are a natural-born athlete. Growing up, you've always had a knack for sports and you were the shining star on all of your teams. You've since refined your talents and you are amazing at the sports you do still do!

Natural Athlete
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