Are You Secretly Rude?

While you might think you're always proper and prim, you might be secretly rude! Do you think you have rude tendencies? Take these 10 questions and find out if you're secretly rude!

Question 1/10
Do you often comment on the rudeness of others to their face?
Always they need to know
Sometimes if they're hurting someone's feelings
Never it's not my place

Question 2/10
You're at a friend-of-a-friend's dinner party, and the main course is way too salty. Do you speak up?
I just politely push my food around
I spit the food into a napkin when no one is looking
I'd tell them to their face
I refuse to eat the meal

Question 3/10
Your co-worker just lost a relative and has invited you to the funeral. Do you accept the invitation?
Only if they reimburse my lost wages
Absolutely I need to show my support
I'd politely decline
I'd ask if there's going to be food after

Question 4/10
Do you have a tendency to interrupt people?
Only if I'm bored
If I feel I need to interject my opinion
No way everyone deserves a turn to speak
I value being a good listener

Question 5/10
The driver in front of you is so slow, he might as well be a tortoise! Is it time to tailgate?
No way I don't know their circumstances
I lay on the horn
I tailgate and flip them the bird
I might get frustrated but I'd never tailgate them

Question 6/10
Your dog just went number 2 on your neighbor's lawn, but you don't have a bag. What do you do?
Go home and grab a bag
Kick some dirt over it
Check and see if anyone saw me

Question 7/10
How often do you tell little white lies in order to spare the feelings of others?
Never I tell it like it is
All the time
I try to be honest without being mean
It depends on the person

Question 8/10
You're on a date, and suddenly your phone rings. What do you do?
I answer it
I ignore it
I look and see who it is
Send a text under the table

Question 9/10
Do you have a problem being on time?

Question 10/10
Have you ever littered just because the nearest trash can seemed too far away?
More than once
Never littering is terrible
Once or twice
You have a tendency to be secretly rude! You might not realize it at the time, but correcting others, interrupting, and always critiquing can feel a bit off putting to those around you. Reign it in by thinking before you speak and contemplating how you would feel if the situation were to be reversed.

Secretly Rude
You have a tendency to be blatantly rude! You don't consider yourself to be a rude person, in fact, you consider yourself to be blatantly honest. While you might think honest is the best policy in all areas of life, sometimes honesty can feel a bit overbearing to the average person.

Blatantly Rude
Based on the results of this quiz, you have rude tendencies! While you're far from being rude all of the time and you tend to keep your rudeness to a minimum, you have moments in which you can be a bit rude towards those around you. It's okay, we all have moments in which our bad side comes out!

Rude Tendencies
You're never rude! You hate rudeness. Because of that, you're never rude towards those around you. You know how off putting and difficult it can be for the person on the receiving end of rudeness. It's just not in your nature to put others down or make them feel small.

Never Rude
You're rarely rude! We all have moments of rudeness, even if we don't necessarily want to admit it. The good news is that you're rarely rude. In the rare occasion that you are rude, you always deliver your rudeness with a soft edge. We'd hardly say that makes you truly rude!

Rarely Rude