Are You Ready To Start A Family?

Do you have what it takes to be a parent?

Question 1/10
Which best describes your feelings about having a child?
I've always just thought I would have them
I absolutely would love to have one
It would just make my parents happy
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Question 2/10
Why do you want to have a baby?
I think it would give my life meaning
It's a dream of mine
It will strengthen my relationship with my partner
I'm not sure
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Question 3/10
What is your relationship like?
We fight often
We're best friends
It's a passionate relationship
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Question 4/10
How long have you been working at your current place of employment?
Less than a year
I'm unemployed
1-4 years
5-9 years
10+ years
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Question 5/10
How old are you?
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Question 6/10
What's your housing situation like?
I live with my parents
I live with a roommate
I live alone
I live with my significant other
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Question 7/10
Do you face a lot of pressure from your parents to have a child already?
Not really
The normal amount
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Question 8/10
Do you have any savings?
We have some debt
We don't have savings but we live comfortably
Yes we do
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Question 9/10
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Raising my family
Exploring the world
Chasing my dream
Living in a new place
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Question 10/10
Do you currently have a partner?
Yes for a few months
Yes for about a year
No I don't
Yes for 1-4 years
Yes for 5+ years
You're a nurturing and kind-hearted person who would be an amazing parent. You are a mature and capable person who has the ability to stay calm in even the most chaotic of situations. You're ready to share your love with others and create an amazing family.

Absolutely Ready
You're an extremely understanding and loving person but you still need a bit more time before you start a family. You have plenty of love and care to give but you're just not ready to settle down yet. It won't be long though before you start a family.

Almost There
While you may have love for children and can't wait to start a family, you're still not ready to settle down just yet. There are still tons of opportunities for you to explore in life. You're not ready to lose some of your freedom yet.

Not Yet
While you may not feel ready just yet, you're as ready as you'll ever be. You are a calm person who's usually pretty good in times of crisis. You may be overwhelmed but you'll make an amazing parent.

Ready As You'll Ever Be
You'll probably never be ready to start a family but you're perfectly okay with that. You're just not a fan of kids and you're a free-spirited person. There is still so much to do in life that you're just not ready to settle down.

Never Ready
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