Are You In A Healthy Relationship?

Question 1/10
Is your partner supportive of you at all times, even if they disagree with your choices?
They're always supportive and emotionally available
They support me in my choices but always give advice
They're supportive but protective of my best interests
They can be a bit unsupportive sometimes
It depends on what I'm trying to do

Question 2/10
Do you and your partner encourage one another to try new things?
I'm encouraging but they're not
We both challenge each other to grow and try new things
We like to try new things together
It depends on what each of us is trying to do
They tend to like the status quo

Question 3/10
When you have something on your mind, does your partner listen?
My partner listens intently and always repeats back what I said
My partner always listens and gives me their full attention
My partner listens but tends to talk over me with advice at times
My partner tends to do other things while I'm talking

Question 4/10
Do your friends like your partner?
They love my partner
We all hang out together
I get the feeling they don't like my partner
They've explicitly stated distaste for my partner

Question 5/10
How critical is your partner of your looks and weight?
My partner always tells me I'm beautiful or attractive no matter what I look like
My partner is never had on me when it comes to looks
My partner can be a bit critical from time to time
I've been asked to lose weight or "try harder" once or twice

Question 6/10
Does your partner get very jealous or possessive?
All the time
Only in strange or difficult situations
They never get jealous

Question 7/10
Do you or your partner have big mood swings?
I'm guilty of this
My partner is guilty of this
We're both guilty of this

Question 8/10
How often do you and your partner spend one on one time together?
Every few days
Once a week
Hardly ever

Question 9/10
Do you keep anything from your partner?
No never
We're completely honest and open
I tend to keep little things from my partner
I keep most things from my partner

Question 10/10
Do either you or your partner ever flirt with others?
Every now and then
No absolutely not
He does but I never would
I have done this from time to time
You are in a healthy and happy relationship! The best relationships are built on a strong foundation of trust and good communication. Without total trust and strong communication skills, any relationship can falter. Luckily, you and your partner not only trust each other fully, but you two have a strong bond that allows each of you to feel safe and comfortable sharing anything with the other.

Healthy And Happy
Your relationship is healthy and joyous! Not only do you and your partner trust one another fully, but you are truly best friends with your partner. You feel safe doing anything and everything in front of your partner. With them, you are completely yourself. They don't care if you don't look your best or feel your best, they love you in the good times and the bad.

Healthy And Joyous
Your relationship is healthy and vibrant! Healthy relationships involve trust, communication, and understanding. Not only do you and your partner trust/love each other completely, but you're both dedicated to helping the other achieve their dreams and live a full contented life. Lifting one another up is a truly noble and healthy relationship!

Healthy And Vibrant
Your relationship is pretty healthy! Like so many relationships, you and your partner can often fail to communicate your feelings to one another. Sometimes it's not that you don't feel as if you can trust your partner, you simply don't want to burden them with your problems. Open up and you'll find that you'll feel better and your relationship will truly flourish!

Pretty Healthy
Your relationship is a little unhealthy! At times, you don't trust your partner completely and vice versa. This can lead to unhealthy confrontation and suspicion. Our minds can run wild sometimes, leaving us vulnerable to anxiety and self doubt. Open up to your partner and voice your concerns. The potential to work through your problems is very real!

A Little Unhealthy
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You might think you're in a healthy and vital relationship, but are you really? Are you and your partner really the picture of perfect health? Take these 10 questions and find out if you're in a healthy relationship!