Are You A Normal Catholic?

Just how long has it been since your last confession? With these 10 quiz questions we'll decide how much of a normal catholic you really are. The results might be more surprising than you think!

Question 1/10
When were you baptized?
As a baby
As a teen
As an adult
Im not baptized!

Question 2/10
How many siblings do you have?
I'm an only child.
One or two.
Three or four.
So many I've lost track.

Question 3/10
When do you break out the advent calendar?
What's that?
When I get hungry for candy.
On December 1st.
On December 12th.

Question 4/10
How often do you take wine at mass?

Question 5/10
How long has it been since your last confession?
Within the past 6 months.
Within the past year.
I can't remember!

Question 6/10
Did you attend Catholic school?
Yep, all 12 years!
Only elementary school.
Only high school.
I didn't attend catholic school.

Question 7/10
Is it okay to sin as long as you confess?
Absolutely, that's why confession exists!
No, it's still wrong.
That's a gray area.

Question 8/10
What are you most likely to give up for lent?
Cursing people out.
Junk food.
Binge watching TV.
None of these.

Question 9/10
How do you accept communion?
With my hands.
With my mouth.
It depends on my mood.

Question 10/10
Where do you like to sit at church?
Right up front.
In the middle, to get lost in the crowd.
All the way in the back.
Congratulations, you're a normal catholic! Much like the millions of people worldwide who belong to this faith, you're normal and in tune with how a good Catholic behaves. You never miss confession, always take communion, and go to mass every Sunday. You don't ramp up your catholicness on the holidays and always maintain a strong sense of faith year round!

You're A Normal Catholic!
You're a mostly normal Catholic! Like many Catholics, you try your best to do what's right and stay within the parameters of the church. You aim to be moral, take communion regularly, and attend confession! What sets you apart is that sometimes, you just don't have time for mass every Sunday or the money to put your kids in Catholic school. While you're a good Catholic, it's not the only thing that defines you!

You're Mostly Normal!
You're not a normal Catholic, in fact some might call you a fair weather Catholic! You attend church on holidays and big events, but aren't very much into regular Sunday mass. While you may send your kids to Catholic school, you haven't been to confession in ages and have already forgotten the stale taste of a communion wafer. You're a Catholic when it's convenient, but sometimes, you're just not a normal member of this faith!

You're Not A Normal Catholic!