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It Is A Virtue: Do You Have It? Are You Patient or Impatient?

Patience is a virtue. Do you have it? Find out!


Question 1/10
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What would you rather avoid?

Question 2/10
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The best part of the holidays is...
Spending time with family
Giving presents
Receiving presents
Preparing good food
Eating good food

Question 3/10
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How do you clean house?
I have a system.
I get a bit done here and there.
I do it before people come over.
I do it every day.
I avoid it.

Question 4/10
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What is your favorite technological advancement?
Fast internet
Fast cars
Handy tablets and phones
Better cameras
None of the above

Question 5/10
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How far back can you trace your ancestry?
5 generations
10 generations
As far back as it goes
I know my grandparents.
Not sure

Question 6/10
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When it comes to advice.....
People never listen.
I am happy to share my thoughts.
It is unnecessary.
I am great at giving it.
I could use some.

Question 7/10
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Exercise is....
A necessary evil
A good way to stay healthy and grounded
Not something I do

Question 8/10
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What do you use social media for?
Stay in touch
Entertain myself
Share everything
Avoid in-person contact
Avoid work

Question 9/10
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What do you fear more?
Old age and illness
Losing loved ones
Unexpected danger

Question 10/10
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How many children do you have or hope to have?
1 or 2
3 to 5
More than 5
As many as possible

You have more patience than most people you know. While others can't wait for the next thing, you're content to enjoy the present and let the future take its time. You think things through, and you never leap without looking. You are not easily flustered, and you're comfortable with waiting for results.

You are impatient and you can't wait for what's next. You have a natural energy and excitement that keeps you on your toes. You like things to happen quickly, and you want to see the results of anything you start before walking away. You put that excited energy into your projects and success is yours.

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