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How Famous Will You Be In 10 years?

In ten years, will you be fifteen minutes famous or are you going to be a legend?


Question 1/10
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How outgoing are you?
Not at All

Question 2/10
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Which is more likely to bring you fame?

Question 3/10
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Who is your biggest fan?
Your Parent(s)
Your Spouse
Your Child(ren)
Your Best Friend(s)
An Acquaintance

Question 4/10
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Your biggest regrets are...
Known by Few
Known by Many
Known by All
I Have No Regrets.

Question 5/10
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Who would you be in a sitcom?
The Star
The Best Friend
The Romantic Tension Character
The Dumb One
Part of the Laugh Track

Question 6/10
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If they made a movie about your life, it would be...
Action Filled

Question 7/10
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In which setting are you most popular?
The Internet
At Home
At Parties
At Work or School
In Your Dreams

Question 8/10
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What is the most controversial thing about you?
Your Religion
Your Political Beliefs
Your Bad Decisions
Your Addictions
None of the Above

Question 9/10
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Who did you identify with in high school?
Jocks and Cheerleaders
Stoners and Skippers
Geeks and Nerds
Teachers and Counselors
None of the Above

Question 10/10
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What is more important?

15 Minutes Famous
In ten years, you will be 15 Minutes Famous! You will never be a household name, but you'll have just as much of an opportunity as the rest of the world to enjoy your 15 minutes of fame! You'll have to do something pretty awesome or crazy to have your moment in the sun.

Community Fan Base Famous
In ten years, you will be Community Fan Base Famous! You may not be known throughout the world, or even throughout your own country, but you'll have a following in your area or online community. People in town or in your chosen corner of the internet will recognize your name, but may struggle to remember why that is. Some will remember well and support you in all your endeavors.

Household Name Famous
In ten years, you will be Household Name Famous. You will be mentioned in almost every household, and everyone will know who you are. They may not follow everything you do or adore everything about you, but they will certainly recognize your name and face. Your talents will be recognized and your words and accomplishments will be remembered by all.

Legend Famous
In ten years, you will be Legend Famous! You will be recognized by everyone, everywhere you go, and people will remember and support all of your accomplishments and talents. You will be remembered long after you stop making your mark on the world, and the mark you make will be legendary in the hearts and minds of your fan base.

Royalty Famous
In ten years, you will be Royalty Famous! You will be so famous that nobody will ever forget exactly who you are and everything that you've ever done! You will reach a level of fame that feeds on controversy and empowers people to express themselves right along with you. You will be a cultural icon and you just might lose yourself in the process.

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