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Can We Guess Who In Your Family You’re Closest With?

You might love your entire family, but odds are your closer to some than with others! Can we guess who in your family you're closest with based on your personality? It's time to find out!

Question 1/10
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Are you an only child?
No, but I feel like one sometimes!

Question 2/10
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What trait are you most proud of?
My compassion
My ambition
My playfulness
My wit
My attitude

Question 3/10
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What trait are you least proud of?
I'm stubborn
I'm bossy
I'm a pushover
I'm impatient
I'm flighty

Question 4/10
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What do people come to you for advice about?
Their love lives
None of these

Question 5/10
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What do you actually want most in life?
A big family
A nice house
Some time alone
A fulfilling job

Question 6/10
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You're asked to bring a dish to a potluck dinner. What do you bring?
Tuna noodle casserole
Crockpot sausage
My famous baby back ribs
A yummy pasta salad

Question 7/10
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How do you handle confrontation?
I meet it head on
I avoid it like it's my job
I try to never let it develop in the first place
It depends on the situation

Question 8/10
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Who are you when you first wake up in the morning?
A ray of sunshine
A ticking time bomb
A cheerful optimist
A total zombie
Bright eyed and bushy tailed

Question 9/10
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Who's the leader of your family?
My mother
My father
My grandpa
My grandma
My siblings

Question 10/10
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How would you describe your child self in one word?

Your Mother
We believe you are closest with your mother! As a highly nurturing and intuitive soul, you always seem to know the right things to say when someone is need of a little comfort. You truly value connection, vulnerability, and opening up to others. Everything you need to know about being a good person, you learned from your mother!

Your Father
We believe you are closest to your father! As a strong, resilient, and hard working individual, you definitely take a traditional and old school approach to every day life. You abide by a strict moral code, opting to do right by others, even if it can make things a bit harder for you. It's clear that you learned a lesson or two from your father!

Your Sibling
We believe you care closest to one of your siblings! As someone who is great at compromise, conflict management, and aiding friend's in need, we think you learned everything about fostering good friendships from your relationship with your siblings. It's clear that you value your sibling's opinions, insights, and stories more than just about anyone else in your family!

Your Grandma Or Grandpa
We believe you are closest to your grandma or grandpa! You're an old soul who loves to do things the old fashioned way, even if it's not exactly hip or in line with the modern way of living. You value tradition, heritage, and doing right by others. It's clear that you've learned quite a bit about living life from your grandparents!

Your Aunt Or Uncle
We believe that you are closest to your aunt or uncle! As a fun loving adventure seeker, it's clear that you love to life to the fullest. You don't concern yourself with what others think or how your actions might make you seem. Like your Aunt or Uncle, you're all about being cool, living life, and doing your own thing.

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