Would You Take These 10 Risks To Find Paradise?

Some people are willing to do whatever it takes to find paradise, are you? Take this risky quiz and find out what risks you're willing to take to find paradise! You might just surprise yourself!

Question 1/10

Would you cross this bridge if paradise was on the other side?
No way

Question 2/10

In order to find paradise, you'll have to quit your job and leave everything behind. Do you accept?
I'm not sure

Question 3/10

Paradise is right across that swamp, but the swamp is filled with gators and snakes. Do you find a way to cross?
Go big or go home!
I'm just going to turn around now...
.I'd consider crossing.

Question 4/10

There's a stormy sea and a single one man boat. To make it to paradise, you'll have to lose sight of the shore. Do you go?
I'm already in the boat!
It looks kind of dangerous...
No way, paradise is being alive!

Question 5/10

Paradise can be yours, but not until you drink an expired carton of milk. Would you accept the challenge?

Question 6/10

In order to get to true paradise you'll have to spend some time alone on a desert island. There are monkeys, spiders, and other dangerous creatures. Do you take the risk?
Every man is an island anyway, so yes!
Maybe, it depends on the type of island.
Nope, I'm just going to watch TV.

Question 7/10

You meet a spiritual leader who promises paradise, but only if you give up all modern communication for 10 days. Do you accept?
I can go 10 days with ease.
Uh, 10 whole days? Maybe....
Nope, what if something happened to someone I love?

Question 8/10

Paradise resides on the other side of this mountain. Do you attempt the climb or turn back?
I'm going to climb the heck out of that mountain!
I'd try it but if it didn't work right away, I'd turn back.
Nope, nope, nope.

Question 9/10

Paradise is at the end of a 13 mile hike. On the way, there might be grizzlies. Do you take the hike anyway?
Obviously, I'm not afraid.
Maybe, it depends on if it's day or night.
No way, grizzlies are tough!

Question 10/10

Paradise is yours, just survive a few nights in the Alaska wilderness. Can you hack it?
Paradise will be mine.
I'd give it a try.
Maybe paradise is just my couch?
Based on the results of this quiz, you would take every risk necessary in order to find paradise! You certainly live by the mantra "go big or go home!" You know that in order to reap the greatest rewards in life, one must take a lot of very big risks. You'll put life and limb in harms way if it means being rewarded with a little slice of paradise at the end. Could you be any cooler!?

You Would Take Every Risk To Find Paradise!

According to this quiz, you would take a few select risks in order to find paradise! While you're not one to put yourself in danger or bodily harm, you're certainly not one to play it safe and let everyone else have all the fun either. You know that taking risks is one one can reap the biggest rewards. You'd do pretty much anything to find a true slice of paradise!

You Would Take A Few Risks To Find Paradise!

According to this quiz, you would not take risks in order to find paradise! Sure, "go big or go home" might be the mantra of some, but you'd prefer to just stay home and put your feet up instead. You're a homebody who is comfortable with the life you have right now. In fact, just hanging out with those you love in the comforts of the place you love most is just about as close to paradise as you can get.

You Would Not Take Risks To Find Paradise!