Would You Survive A Supernatural Horror Movie?

There are horror movies and then there are supernatural horror movies! Forget about the lumbering killer with an axe, these supernatural killers have powers you can't even fathom. Would you survive the entirety of a supernatural horror movie or would you meet your demise just minutes in? Let's put your supernatural survival skills to the test!

Question 1/10

What side of the be do you sleep on at night?
The side closet to the door.
The side away from the door.
It depends.

Question 2/10

You wake up in the middle of the night to the feeling of being watched. What are you gonna do about it?
Scream my head off.
Quietly investigate.
Go back to sleep.

Question 3/10

When you and your partner get into a fight, how do you behave?
I talk over them, I'm right after all.
I hear them out patiently.
It's a back and forth squabble.

Question 4/10

In your friend group, what role do you play?
I'm the comic relief.
I'm the leader.
I'm the mother.

Question 5/10

Do you currently live near a large body of water?
Yes, I do.
Nope, not even close.
Do ponds count?

Question 6/10

Are you someone who is pretty accident prone?
Yeah, I am kind of a klutz.
Not really, I rarely get hurt.
Only when I'm trying to be athletic.

Question 7/10

Which sounds most like you?
I'm very logical.
I'm very compassionate.
I'm very creative.

Question 8/10

What kind of shoes are you wearing on the average day?

Question 9/10

Are you more thoughtful or impulsive?
Eh, it depends.

Question 10/10

Would you say you're more bashful or outgoing?
It varies
Congratulations, you're one of the select few who would live up until the end of a Supernatural horror movie. While many of your fellow peers would be tripping in their inappropriate footwear and going into dark spaces alone, you would be using your common sense. Sure, supernatural bad guys don't always play by the rules, but with your logic, you're always going to be one step ahead of them.

You Would Make It To The End!

While you wouldn't make it to the end credits, you'd get about halfway through a supernatural horror movie before meeting your demise. For the most part, you're a logical and creative person who can hold your own against entities real and supernatural. Still, you have moments where panic sets in and truly takes a hold of all logic. Next time you're in a super natural horror, think before you act.

You Would Survive Until Halfway!

Okay lets be real, you knew the answer before you even took this quiz. You're going to meet an early demise in a supernatural horror movie! Not only are you never wearing the right footwear for most occasions, but you tend to be the type or makes decisions out of sheer panic. You don't always put two and two together quickly enough to come up with an answer. While you don't deserve a horrible supernatural death, you're probably going to get one anyway.

You Would Meet An Early Demise.