Would You Be Able To Survive On Mars?

Mars might be the final frontier, but could you actually survive being stranded on Mars? It's time to find out! Embark on this 10 question personality quiz and discover if you've got what it takes to hack it on the red planet!

Question 1/10

Unfortunately you just got stranded on Mars. What's your initial reaction?
"I can work with this!"
"I'm so screwed."
"I'm all alone up here!"
"Time to make a plan!"

Question 2/10

How good with your hands are you?
I can build just about anything!
I'm pretty crafty and inventive.
I'm pretty much a failure at building things.
I'm not great but I'm willing to learn.

Question 3/10

What's your first order of business when plotting your game plan on Mars?
Finding a way to grow or cultivate food.
Securing some kind of water.
Building a suitable shelter.
Having a good cry and accepting my fate.

Question 4/10

You discover there is water on Mars, but it's saltwater. How would you use the water?
I'd boil out the salt and condense the steam into usable water.
I'd use it to recharge the batteries on my ship.
I'd use it to cool the ship's generator.
I'd try drinking it anyway.

Question 5/10

What's one thing you will miss most if you were stranded on Mars?
My smartphone
My pet
My significant other
My friends
My social media account

Question 6/10

What about Mars scares you the most?
The cold weather
The space radiation
The lack of breathable air
The dust storms
It all scares me

Question 7/10

Which of these Mars facts will help your chances of survival?
Mars has two moons
The surface of Mars is made up of iron oxide
Mars is the fourth planet from the sun
Mars is 140 million miles from the sun
I don't see how any of this is helpful

Question 8/10

Do you have a green thumb?
Absolutely, I'm practically a botanist!
It's greenish!
Uh, I can't keep a plant alive to save my life.

Question 9/10

True or false: One can easily can make drinkable water out of hydrazine jet fuel.
Who knows this stuff?

Question 10/10

How do you handle failure here on Earth?
I accept it and move on.
I let myself feel down for a little and then try again.
I fall apart .
I blame everyone around me for my misfortune.
Based on the results of this quiz, you could definitely survive on Mars! Not only do you possess the knowledge, insight, and stamina to survive on Mars, but you possess the mental fortitude necessary for surviving on this difficult planet. When it comes to surviving on Mars, attitude is half the battle!

You Could Definitely Survive On Mars!

Based on the results of this quiz, you could probably survive on Mars! As a very logical and intelligent soul, you would have no problem in implementing a strategy for survival. Unfortunately, the harsh conditions wouldn't make it easy. Luckily, you've got the mental strength to keep going even when things get truly out of hand!

You Could Probably Survive On Mars!

Based on the results of this quiz, you would not likely survive on Mars! Though you may possess the intelligence and problem solving skills necessary for surviving on the red planet, you tend to panic in high stress situations. On Mars, panic would be just the thing to take you out in a second!

You Would Not Survive On Mars!

Based on the results of this quiz, you could survive on Mars for a day or two! Though you wouldn't last for a long time on the red planet, you could certainly hack it for a day or two before things started to spiral. You've got the intelligence and the logic, now all you need is the mental fortitude to take on a harsh environment like Mars!

You Could Survive On Mars For A Day Or Two!