Who Would You Have Been In 1800s America?

Back in the 1800s, America looked pretty different from what it does today. There weren't smart phones or television sets, but there were rail roads and coat tails! If you were alive in 1800s America, who would you have been? What kind of role would you have played in society? Answer these 10 questions and find out! Will you be who you think?

Question 1/10

When it comes to working, do you prefer to do things on your own or with others?
I really love working alone.
I like working alone most of the time.
I like to collaborate.
I'm all about team-work!
It really depends on my mood that day.

Question 2/10

At the tavern, you want to grab some grub. What do you choose?
Roast beef
Fried fish
Rice pudding
Duck breast

Question 3/10

Where would you have lived during the 1800s?
New York

Question 4/10

When you weren't working, how would you have spent your days?
Making soap
Cooking or baking
Hunting or fishing
Napping on the porch

Question 5/10

How would you have spent the money you earned in the 1800s?
On land
On gold mining supplies
On food and provisions
On fabric
On liquor

Question 6/10

Are you someone who likes to gamble?
Yes, I love to gamble.
Only if the odds are in my favor.
I'm not really a gambler.

Question 7/10

If your state enacted laws that violated human rights, what would you do?
Move to a different state.
Purchase weapons.
Sit quietly and do nothing.
Talk about it at the pub.

Question 8/10

How do you like your eggs?
Over easy
Fried hard
Hard boiled

Question 9/10

What would have been your drink of choice after a hard day's work?

Question 10/10

Which side would you have taken during the War of 1812?
I don't take sides
I'm neutral
Back in the 1800s, you would have been a humble chimney sweep! Sure, it was a dirty job, but someone had to do it. You're someone who doesn't mind a little soot or a little dirt. In fact, you quite relish in getting a bit dirty! As an independent spirit, you wouldn't mind this solitary job or the fact that you wouldn't be very high up in society. All you really need is a bit of steady pay and a good pub to sit at once the working hours are up!

A Chimney Sweep

Okay, so you're not getting anyone pregnant, but you are waking people up! Back in the 1800s, Knocker Uppers were human alarm clocks. They were paid by people to bang on doors with their hands or to use pea-shooters to aim in windows to wake up slumbering citizens. You're a rascal of a person who would be the perfect fit for this job. We suspect you'd use the pea shooter most often!

A Knocker-Upper

Back in the 1800s, you would have captured family portraits as a Daguerreotypsit. With the help of a camera obscura, youw ould have projected images onto a screen and then captured htem on a polished copper plate. Of all the jobs in the 1800s, this was one of the most prestigious, as only the very wealthy could afford a portrait! Given your creativity, eye, and love for high society, there's no better role for you in the 1800s!

A Daguerreotypist

Back in the 1800s, you would have been a lector! This was a job that involved reading a loud to factory workers. Since there was no radio or podcats to listen to back then, a lector would read classic literature or newspapers to workers as they went about their tasks. As someone who loves to entertain, read and hold the spotlight, you would have been one amazing lector!

A Lector

Back in the 1800s, you would have been a shopkeeper! Shop keeps owned small shops that sold a variety of goods, including soaps, foods, and apparel. Shop keeps were highly respected and often loved to socialize with their patrons. As someone with an entrepreneurial spirit and a rousing confidence, you would have made an amazing shop keep!

A Shopkeeper