Who Were You In The 1980s?

The year is 1980 and things are quite a bit different. Which kind of personality would you have adopted back in the 80s? A punker? Perhaps a prep? Let's find out who you were in the 1980s!

Question 1/10

If you had Saturday detention, you would:
Sit in the back and entertain myself.
Sulk that my dad couldn't get me out of it.
Bring all the attitude I could muster.
Make the best of the situation.
Catch up on my comic books.

Question 2/10

In high school, you were more likely to be:
A little snotty
Totally intimidating
Tight with the popular kids
Totally friendless
Flirting with anyone with legs

Question 3/10

How would you deal with being bullied?
I would ignore it.
I would try to reason with the bully.
I would bully them back.
I'd tell the principal.
I'd switch schools.

Question 4/10

There's a Homecoming dance. Where are you?
At home in my pajamas.
At the movies.
At the dance, duh.
In the alley behind the dance smoking.
Having a sleepover.

Question 5/10

Your yearbook moniker was....
Most likely to steal a car
Most likely to succeed
Most likely to be filthy rich
Most likely to get married young
Most likely to move to a city

Question 6/10

What would you like to have most joined in high school?
Art club
I'm not much of a joiner...

Question 7/10

If you were bored in class, you would:
File your nails.
Rip pages from a book.
Stare out the window.
Take a nap.

Question 8/10

What was your favorite ’80s music?
Duran Duran
Bon Jovi
George Michael

Question 9/10

What's your ideal lunch?
Sushi and soda
Burger and fries
Cold pizza and beer
Capri sun and a lunchables
Peanut butter and jelly

Question 10/10

Which TV show would you rather watch?
Family Ties
Murder, She Wrote
Growing Pains
You were the "trust fund kid." Odds are you drove your dad's old Porsche, owned at least one white blazer, and loved to host parties when your folks were out of town. Popular with some, but hated by many!

The "Trust Fund Kid"

Dark, brooding, and a bit on the mysterious side. You loved to wear leather fingerless gloves and listen to bands like The Cure. You lived for Friday nights at the local clubs and only really associated with your core group of friends. People saw you as a bit of an outsider!

The 80s Outsider

Charming, likable and almost always wearing a letter man jacket. You were the toast of high school. Not only did every girl or guy want to date you, but your parents couldn't have been more proud of their little athlete. Sometimes, you let it get to your head, but not always!

The Jock

Back in the 80s, you would have been a total mall rat. Every Friday night, you would have busted out your best leg warmers, teased your hair to the high heavens, and spent hours just strolling around the mall with your besties. Maybe you would have even picked up a thing or two from Claires!

The Mall Rat

Back in the 80s, you would have been the introverted artist type! Perhaps you would have even had a sprinkle of computer nerd thrown in for good measure. You lived in your own little world and didn't have much of a social life outside of a few close friends. You loved music, art, and expressing yourself through fashion!

The Introverted Artist