Who Is Your 90s TV Spouse?

The 90s was a golden era for sitcom television and awesome TV families. The questions, who could have been your TV spouse? Do you know which husband or wife you're a perfect match with? Let's find out!

Question 1/10

How many kids would you like to have?

Question 2/10

The house is a mess and your in laws are on the way. What do you do?
Shove everything into a closet or under the bed
Speed clean the entire house
Yell, scream, and dole out orders
It is what it is

Question 3/10

Speaking of in laws, what kind of relationship would you like to have with them?
A very very distant one
An "only on the holidays" arrangemnt
I'd like a close relationship with them
I want them to be my second parents

Question 4/10

What's your favorite hobby?
Folding laundry
Scratching lottery tickets
Tinkering or DIY
Working out

Question 5/10

Where do you spend most of your free time?
At home
At a park
At a shopping mall
At my parent's house
At the hardware store

Question 6/10

What Valentine's Day gift would make you happiest?
An evening out
Someone else doing all the chores
Having some time alone

Question 7/10

In high school you were voted...
Most likely to succeed
Most likely to fight
Most likely to become famous
Class clown
Most likely to get caught sleeping in class

Question 8/10

What do you first notice about a potential partner?
Their eyes
Their style
Their sense of humor
Their intelligence
Their hygiene

Question 9/10

What's a perfect date night look like to you?
Not having any kids around
Dinner and a movie
Wine and some takeout
Dinner and a show
Beer and television

Question 10/10

What's the perfect family pet?
A dog
A lizard
A cat
A rabbit
A hamster
Your 90's TV spouse is Roseanne Conner! Much like Roseanne, you've got a big personality and you don't like to hide it. You tell it like it is whenever possible. You've never been one to sugar coat or dispense a little white lie. You're as outspoken as they come!

Roseanne Conner

Your 90's TV spouse is Ray Barone! You're often pretty straight laced, which means you need a partner who can loosen you up and keep you on your toes. Routine is fine, but it can make life feel pretty mundane. With Ray Barone, no two days will ever feel the same!

Ray Barone

Your 90's TV spouse is Tim Taylor! You're a whip smart and clever person who needs a spouse who can keep you on your toes and keep up with your creative wit. Tim would be the perfect match for your humorous personality!

Tim Taylor

Your 90's TV spouse is Claire Huxtable! You're a highly ambitious and driven person who often seeks out a partner who can provide both comfort and motivation. With Claire at your side, we're positive you could've achieved anything.

Claire Huxtable

Your 90's TV spouse is Danny Tanner! Danny was a clean freak who craved order and routine. You're the type of person who appreciates these things ten fold. Not only do you need things to be in their proper place at all times, but you're constantly trying to clean everything. Even the vacuum has been subjected to your cleaning ways!

Danny Tanner