Who Are You While Driving?

Do you become someone completely different while driving? Are you just a bit more angry and outlandish than you are in everyday life? It's time to find out who you really are while driving! To the quiz!

Question 1/10

How long have you had the privilege of driving?
Less than five years.
6 to 10 years.
16 to 50 years.
Longer than you've been alive.

Question 2/10

Which best describes your ride?
A muscle car.
A mini-van.
A sedan.
A truck.

Question 3/10

You're stuck in traffic and get a call from your spouse. Do you answer?
Yes, I'm stuck in traffic!
Nah, I'll get back to them later.
It depends if we're moving at all or not.

Question 4/10

As soon as the light turns green, someone behind you is honking. What do you do?
Roll out even more slowly on purpose.
Turn around and give them the finger.
Carry on with my day.
Call someone up to complain about it.

Question 5/10

You're running late for work and the person in front of you is going well under the speed limit. What do you do?
Tailgate them and hope they speed up.
Make sure no one's coming and pass them.
Just hang out behind them and hope they turn.

Question 6/10

How fast over the speed limit do you drive?
No more than 5 mph
No more than 10 mph
No more than 20 mph
I drive however fast I want!

Question 7/10

How often do you get pulled over a month?
I've never gotten pulled over.
Once a month.
Twice a month.
At least every week.

Question 8/10

What's the worst thing about a word trip?
The food.
The distance.
The bad driving.
The conversation.
None of these.

Question 9/10

The traffic light is turning yellow. What do you do?
Step on it to beat the light!
Coast to a smooth stop.
Stop as suddenly as possible.
I run it even if it's red.

Question 10/10

Can you parallel park?
Like a pro.
When driving, you become a total grandma! Your driving habits include going 10 mph under the speed limit, taking 20 minutes to make a turn, and often driving for several miles with your flasher on. Don't worry, the world needs safe drivers like you!

A Total Grandma

When you drive, you become a bit angry and prone to road rage! You love to drive in the fast lane and weave in and out of traffic. You hate when anyone gets in your way or slows you down. You're the king or queen of rolling stops and you certainly aren't afraid to pressure someone to go a bit faster! You definitely use your middle finger like a tool.

The Angry Driver

When you drive, you become the impatient traffic weaver! You're all about getting where you need to go as fast as possible. You aren't afraid to weave in and out of traffic and drive well above the speed limit. You view shaving a few minutes off of your commute as a challenge you want to accept!

The Traffic Weaver

When you drive, you become very passive, patient, and calm! It's almost as if driving is a zen like experience for you. You're super tolerant of others and very safe. You always drive within reason and would never dream of not using a turn signal. If only more people were like you!

The Passive Driver

When you drive, you're typically pretty darn distracted! Whether it's sipping coffee, making a work phone call, texting, or snap chatting, you're almost never paying attention to the road. Sure, multi-tasking is great, but always keep your eyes on the road!

The Distracted Driver