Which Wise Saying Describes You Best?

Which wise saying or proverb describes you best? Answer these ten questions to find out!

Question 1/10

Are you shy or outgoing?
I am a little of both

Question 2/10

You have to do a volunteer project. Which of these would you pick?
Helping out at an animal shelter
Cleaning up a beach
Reading to children

Question 3/10

You are camping and you hear a noise. What is most likely outside of your tent?
It's probably just the wind
A small animal, like a rabbit
A bear!

Question 4/10

Remember spelling tests? What did you do when you got a word wrong?
Probably spelled it wrong again
Practiced spelling it right over and over
Cheated on the next test so I know I would get it right

Question 5/10

You are lost. What do you do?
Check a map/gps
Ask someone for help
Try to go back the way I came and hope I don't get even more lost

Question 6/10

Are you one to brag?
Yes, I love to brag
I like to brag about others, but not myself

Question 7/10

How often are you anxious?
Hardly Ever
All of the time

Question 8/10

What do you do when you regret something?
I try to fix it
I try not to make the same mistake again
I don't regret anything

Question 9/10

Do you prefer to read fiction or non-fiction books?
I do not like to read books

Question 10/10

When you were in school, did you raise your hand often to answer questions?
Yes, but only if no one else would
This wise saying comes from Shakespeare, and although there aren't many words to it, the saying sure does say a lot. You seem to be a quiet person, but there is a lot going on inside of your head. You have your little secrets, and that's the way you like it. That's why this saying matches up perfectly with your personality!

Have More Than You Show, Speak Less Than You Know

This saying is an old Jewish proverb. Even if you don't know the right things to say, you likely know the right thing to do. Put your actions to good use and do someting great! Be proactive in your life and in your community. You are sure to be better off for it!

Do Not Be Wise In Words; Be Wise In Deeds

This saying is an old German Proverb. By the answers you gave on this quiz, we guess that you have a lot of worry in your heart. Often times, worrying about something doesn't do any good. Hopefully, this saying can help you to learn to have less fear in your life.

Fear Makes The Wolf Bigger Than He Is

This saying is an old African proverb. Everyone makes mistakes, and by your answers on this quiz we can guess that you have made a few yourself. It's best to learn from these mistakes, not by looking where you end up afterward, but by looking how you got there. Try to learn from your mistakes so you do not repeat them.

Don't Look Where You Fall, But Where You Slipped

This saying is an old Chinese proverb. Sometimes a person needs to ask for help, and sometimes they don't have to, but asking for advice is still a helpful idea anyway. Don't be afriad to ask for help or advice. You may be surprised by what you find out!

To Know The Road Ahead, Ask Those Coming Back