Which Vision Of The Word Suits You?

We all have a particular vision of the world and how it should be, but do you know which vision truly suits you? Take these 10 questions and find out which vision of the world best fits you!

Question 1/10

Have you ever secretly desired to be friends with celebrities?
Yes, but only so I could finally have some influence in the world.
No, I've never really craved fame or fortune.
I've never strived for it but it could be helpful.

Question 2/10

How important is it for you to do fulfilling work?
Very important
Somewhat important
Not important at all

Question 3/10

It it more important to be well liked by others or to like yourself?
Liked by others
To like yourself
Both is the ultimate goal

Question 4/10

What would you want the topic of your first novel be about?
It would be a work of fiction
A self help book
A book on the environment
A book that changes people's way of thinking

Question 5/10

Would you drop anything you were doing to help a friend?
It depends on what I'm doing

Question 6/10

How would you use 15 minutes of fame?
To help others
To help myself
To preach on a topic I'm passionate about

Question 7/10

Are you interested in politics?
Very interested
Not interested at all

Question 8/10

Would you ever want to be president?
Yes, it's the only way to get things done!
It seems like a very heavy position.
I'd consider it under the right circumstances!

Question 9/10

How important is art in your life?
Very important
Somewhat important
Not important at all

Question 10/10

World peace begins with....
Your vision for the world is that everyone respects and treats the environment with the care that it deserves. No longer would we take for granted the earth that feeds us, gives us water, and provides us shelter.

A World That Respects The Environment

Your vision for the world is a place where we respect each other's differences! Let's face it, we're all so different and we always will be. What the world needs is empathy and understanding. To see the world through your neighbors eyes and vice versa.

A World Where We Respect Each Other's Differences

Your vision for the world is a planet that places an emphasis on compassion rather than status or position. You would love to see a world where we put one another above our work, careers, and money.

A World That Focuses On Compassion

Your vision for the world is a place iwthout war or poverty! War and poverty have always existed on earth, but you would love a time where there was no war to speak of and poverty was finally taken care of. Your dream is to have all people finally taken care of and in a place of peace.

A World Without War Or Poverty

Your vision for the world is a planet without greed! So often we put our desire for possessions or money above our fellow human beings. In your opinion, that's exactly opposite of how the world should work. Your motto has always been, "people first."

A World Without Greed