Which US State Fits Your Personality The Best?

There are 50 US states, and each of one of them has their own unique personality. This quiz will test how well you match up to the personalities of five popular states (California, Texas, New York, Hawaii, and Iowa)! Take this quiz to find out which of these five states you are the most like.

Question 1/10

Where would you rather go on a day off from work?
To the beach
To the Mall
To take a hike in nature

Question 2/10

Would you ever live on a farm?
I'm not sure

Question 3/10

Someone offers you free surf lessons. Do you take them?
I could teach a surf lesson, I wouldn't need to take one
I would love to take a leson
I wouldn't want to take a lesson

Question 4/10

Which kind of area would you want to live in the most?
The city
The suburbs
The country

Question 5/10

How often are you stressed out?
Every day
More than once a week
Less than once a week

Question 6/10

Your goals are...
Out of this world!
I don't have many goals

Question 7/10

Do you think certain cities are more romantic than others?
It depends on the people in the city, not the city itself

Question 8/10

Open fields or open beaches?
Both are good
Both are bad

Question 9/10

Someone is willing to give you $100 to sky dive. Would you do it?
I would do it for free
I would take the $100
I would do it for more than $100
I would never do it

Question 10/10

How well can you tolerate people who are different than you?
I can tolerate any kind person
I can tolerate even rude people
I don't like anyone who is too different from me
Everyone seems more relaxed in California. There is a mix of the fast and slow here. This state is tolerant of many beliefs, and there is a place for the poor and rich alike. You are a relaxed person, which is why you match best with this state.


Texas is where wannabe cowboys wish to be. The seemlessly endless ranches along with a mix of big cities make this state a popular place to be. The people here don't tolerate just anything, as they can be a bit stubborn, which isn't always a bad thing. You match up best with this state.


New York is probably best known for it's namesake New York city, but it also has some small towns and a little bit of country to it as well. This is a perfect place for anyone who wants to make it big, or to get away for a while. You fit the vibe of New York.

New York

The state of Hawaii is a series of islands. Many people dream of going here for a vacation, and it's so beautiful that it's hard to see why someone wouldn't want to live there. However, it's explosive volancoes keep some away. You are relaxed, but you also have a bit of fire to you. That's wht you match up best with this state.


What's happens in Iowa? Well, not much. Things are pretty safe here, and it has a bulk of midwestern values. If you like to play it safe and if you stick to your morals, then it's just fact that you match up best to this state.