Which Terrible Annoying Song Is Your Ex?

Every ex is one terrible and annoying song that just won't leave your head! Which terrible song is your ex? Is it that one song that instantly brings the rage when it comes on the radio? Let's find out!

Question 1/10

Did your ex keep a lot of secrets in the relationship?
They had more than a few skeletons in their closet.
They seemed to hold back a lot of info!
I think they were fairly honest...
They lied more than a rug!

Question 2/10

Did you and your ex have a lot in common?
Yes, we were two peas in a pod.
We had most things in common.
We were total opposites.
We were the same in some ways.

Question 3/10

As a couple, did you both look forward to the weekend?
Yes, more time to spend together!
I kind of dreaded the weekends.
Yes, but not to spend time together.
It varied.

Question 4/10

Would you say your ex was a creature of habit?
Definitely, they were very into their routine.
They were all about their comofot tzone.
They were pretty repetitive in nature.
Not really, they were kind of unpredictable.

Question 5/10

Would you say your beau had a cold personality?
Cold as ice.
They could be chilly.
It varied day by day.
Nah, they were fairly warm.

Question 6/10

What side of the bed did your ex sleep on?
The left
The right
They took up the whole middle!

Question 7/10

Which of your ex's habits annoyed you the most?
Driving too slow or fast.
Only half-listening to what I was saying.
Not responding to texts or calls.
Flirting with others.
Too many things to name.

Question 8/10

Did your breakup cause a lot of pain?
Yes, I'm still hurting.
It was hard at the time.
I was devastated!
I felt freed to be honest.
I wasn't very upset.

Question 9/10

Did your ex tend to put their friends before you?
All the time, how annoying!
A few nights a week.
Every now and then.
Hardly ever.

Question 10/10

If your ex were a genre of music, they would be...
Something else
Your ex is "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen! Immature, repetitive, and never one to learn their lesson the first time. Much like this song, your ex just never understood why you were so annoyed!

Call Me Maybe By Carly Rae Jepsen

Your ex is "Blue" by Eiffel 65! Is trying to talk to your ex like a broken record? Did they always just say the same excuses over and over again until it was all you heard? Much like this ultra repetitive song, your ex just didn't get the message.

Blue By Eiffel 65

Your ex is "Barbie Girl" by Aqua! A little bit self absorbed and totally uninterested in your feelings. Your ex was pretty much just living in their own little world, unaware of how their choices actually affected your life. Much like this annoying song, your ex is most likely living in their own little Barbie world.

Barbie Girl By Aqua

Your ex is the Macarena! Does the very thought of your ex make you cringe? Much like this song, you can't believe you ever wasted your time listening to a thing you had to say. Hey, we all did the Macarena once too. You live and you learn, right?

The Macarena

Your ex is most like "The Final Countdown" by Europe! Your relationship with your ex was on again and off again, then on again and off again. Sometimes it just seemed like their was a ticking clock on your relationship! Of course every end was wildly dramatic with your ex, much like this song!

The Final Countdown By Europe