Which Supreme Leader Are You Most Like?

Question 1/10

What is the most important leadership quality?
Ability to delegate

Question 2/10

If necessary, would you use force to achieve your goals?
Not without first trying diplomacy.
If it was the only way.

Question 3/10

Which of the following accomplishments would make you most proud?
Fixing a broken economy.
Making strides in protecting the environment.
Winning a war.
Preventing a war.
Having a surplus of money.

Question 4/10

As a kid, you could almost always be found...
Playing with Legos
Playing pretend
Going to the principals office
Playing house
Buying the latest electronics

Question 5/10

A friend is spreading a rumor about you. What's your reaction?
"It's fake news!"
"You can't make everyone like you."
"They've made a huge mistake messing with me."
"What a jerk!"
"They will be met with fury!"

Question 6/10

Which hue best represents you?

Question 7/10

What's your hallmark quality?
My hair
My abs
My tan
My smile
My warmth

Question 8/10

The best accessory is...
A hot spouse
A fur hat
A smile
A smart handbag

Question 9/10

How would you rather spend your free time?
Watching football
Shirtless horseback riding
Scheming world domination
Doing my job

Question 10/10

Is national pride important to you?
It depends on my mood
The supreme leader that you're most like is Vladimir Putin! Some might describe you as being a tad authoritarian or intimidating. You have a big presence that can be felt as soon as you walk into a room. With bold confidence and a total sense of self, you love to be in control of every situation.

Vladimir Putin

The supreme leader that you're most like is Donald Trump! You're a tremendously confident person who truly believes that it's your way or the highway. You are bold in your thinking and in your actions, often going through with big plans before thinking them through. Though you suffer from a bit of foot in mouth syndrome, there are some people who hang on your every word.

Donald Trump

The supreme leader that you're most like is Justin Trudeau! Congratulations, you're one of the most beloved leaders in the entire world. You're a highly charming and confident person who is always looking out for the best interests of the collective whole. You're intelligent, grounded, and in tune with what's really happening in the world.

Justin Trudeau

The supreme leader that you're most like is Kim Jong-un! Some might describe you as being a big childlike in your pursuit of power. You crave compliments, attention, and love to be talked about (even if it's in a negative connotation). All you really want is to take over the world. Is that so much to ask for?

Kim Jong-un

The supreme leader that you're most like is Angela Merkel! You're all about getting things done at any cost. Sure, you might have to put in some long hours, but you believe that hard work is the surefire way to make big and lasting changes. You're strong, resilient, and never willing to give up when the going gets tough.

Angela Merkel

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These supreme leaders know how to rock the boat, but which of these controversial leaders are you most like? It's time to find out! Take this quiz and discover which of these tumultuous men share a personality with you!