Which Suburban Dad Are You?

Do you own more pairs of khakis than a pro-golfer? Do you often find yourself saying things like "sport" or "champ" to kids that aren't even your own? You might just be a suburban dad! But what kind of suburban dad are you really? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10

Have you ever worn shorts when it was under 50 degrees?
Yes, there's never a wrong time for shorts!
Come to think o fit, yes!
Possibly, I can't remember.
No, do I look crazy?

Question 2/10

Choose a hobby:
Watching sports
Home brewing

Question 3/10

How do you feel about khakis?
I love them, they're my favorite!
They're okay for work.
Eh, I'm mixed.
I hate them, jeans all the way!

Question 4/10

How fast do you go over the speed limit when driving?
10 MPH
15 MPH
20 MPH
I just go the speed limit.

Question 5/10

What's your favorite dish?
Hot dogs
A big juicy burger
A steak cooked rare

Question 6/10

It's Sunday afternoon, what are you doing?
Cooking up a big dinner.
Watching football.
Taking a nap.
Fixing something around the house.
Playing with the kids.

Question 7/10

Pick a store to shop at:
Dick's Sporting Goods
LL Bean

Question 8/10

How do you feel about your wife?
I love her, she's the best!
She's great!
I couldn't do this without her.
She's a bit of a nagger.
Eh, she's okay.

Question 9/10

What's your favorite household chore?
Cutting grass
Doing laundry
Blowing leaves
I hate chores

Question 10/10

What's your favorite time of year?
You're the "Grill Cook!" In your suburban dad world, there's nothing better than a great cook out or manning the grill. You're the type of Dad who owns more than one Hawaiian shirt and loves to do yard work. In fact, you frequently spend time watching videos on how to cut the perfect lawn, maintain, and even garden. You live for your family unit and simply want to give your kids the best life! You can almost always be found promising your kids an in ground pool at least once a year.

The Grill Cook

You're the "coach!" In your suburban dad world, your kids and their activities are like a religion. You're not content just cheering from the sidelines, you want to be involved. That's probably why you coach a sport in nearly every season. You own many pairs of Under Armor Sweatpants and love organizing team phone chains and reward parties. You're the type of Dad that simply loves to be involved!

The Coach

You're the "cheerleader!" You turn to total mush when it comes to your family and your kids. In fact, you're their cheerleader and number one fan. You love to give heartwarming advice and frequently identify with TV dads like Danny Tanner from "Full House." To you,t here's nothing wrong with being a little on the sensitive side! How many homemade father's day ties do you own? More than you'll ever admit out loud!

The Cheerleader

You're the "stay at home dad!" Some suburban dads are too proud to stay home and take care of the brood. Not you! You live for art projects, field trips, and being the one cooking/cleaning. You are proud of your spouse for going out into the workforce and making some dough. You're man enough to keep up the house and support the family at home!

The Stay At Home Dad

You're the "9 to 5 worker." To give your family the very best, you're almost always on call at work or putting in long hours. You live in your favorite khakis and can almost never be found without a cell phone in hand. At soccer matches, your typically answering emails and trying to catch up on your day job. While you might not be as involved as some dads, you pride yourself on working hard to give your family everything they need and more.

The 9 To 5 Worker