Which State Will You Find True Happiness In?

Everyone has a state that could truly make them happy, but which state is actually right for you? With just 10 simple quiz questions we can help reveal the truth!

Question 1/10

What's most important to you?
A good work/life balance
My relationships
Experiencing new things
Being surrounded by nature

Question 2/10

Which best describes you?
Worker bee
Social butterfly
Culture vulture
None of these

Question 3/10

Are you male or female?
I'd prefer not to answer

Question 4/10

What are your thoughts on camping?
It's okay sometimes.
It's one of my favorite things to do.
I hate camping.
Camping is fun.

Question 5/10

What's your idea of heaven?
A bottle of good wine and an ocean view.
Waking up to birds chirping and fresh coffee.
Having a bonfire with my best pals.
Spending a day with the family.

Question 6/10

Right now, what you want the most is to...
Find a solid relationship.
Make a lot of moolah.
Buy a house.
Start a family.
Travel the world.

Question 7/10

Which quality are you most proud of?
My independence
My intelligence
My openmindedness
My creativity
My optimism

Question 8/10

What's the best way to spend a Sunday?
Doing what I love!
Going to church.
Brunch with friends.
Sleeping in and watching TV.
Taking a long walk.

Question 9/10

How important is it that your food be organic?
Very important
Somewhat important
Not important at all

Question 10/10

What kind of vibe would you prefer?
An energetic vibe
A laid back vibe
A traditional vibe
A peaceful vibe
You're going to find true happiness in the state of California! You're a free spirit who lives each day to the fullest. You're focused on being a good person, growing, and learning what it means to live your best life. You're active and adventurous, with a true love of stepping outside of your perceived boundaries!


You're going to find true happiness in the state of Washington! You're an open minded and creative soul who isn't afraid to express your true personality through art, music, or words. You're tend to focus on being a well rounded person who tries new things and isn't afraid to take on a challenge! As a nature lover, you truly respect the great outdoors and feel most at home when doing something outside.


You're going to find true happiness in Hawaii! You're a laid back and easy going soul who doesn't like to rush through the goodness of life. You never sweat the smalls stuff and tend to take each new moment as it comes. You're peaceful and relaxed, with a true sense of what matters. You love nature, family gatherings, good food, and a truly spirited luau!


You're going to find true happiness in Vermont! You're an old soul who isn't afraid to embrace the past or do things the old fashioned way. Whether it's tapping a tree for syrup or knitting a scarf, you love to work with your hands and get great satisfaction out of making your own way. You're open minded, spirited, and always willing to take on a challenge!


You're going to find true happiness in the state of Texas! You've got a big personality that only this great southern state could ever hold. With a grand sense of confidence and truly unlimited potential, you've got big dreams that you plan on making a reality. For you, working hard, spending time with loved ones, and making your own way or the name of the game!