Which State Represents Your Ideals?

Do you know which of the 50 states best represents your ideals and way of life? It's time to find out! Embark on this personality quiz and discover which state is really best for you!

Question 1/10

What's the most important factor for you in terms of where you live?
Proximity to friends/family
Proximity to good food
Arts and culture
Proximity to nature

Question 2/10

Do you believe in a higher power?
I'm conflicted

Question 3/10

There's a spider in your shower, what do you do?
I kill it.
I capture it and release it outside.
I let it get washed down the drain.
I leave it.

Question 4/10

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
French fries

Question 5/10

Someone smacks you in the face. What is your response?
Turn the other cheek.
Smack them right back.
Give them a verbal tongue lashing.
Know that karma will get them back.
Ignore them and move on with my life.

Question 6/10

What's your favorite holiday?
New Years
Fourth of July

Question 7/10

What do you think of divorce?
Some people just grow apart and need to go their separate ways.
I think it's a solution for couples who can't work out their differences.
I'm against divorce.
It's okay in some circumstances.

Question 8/10

Do you want to live somewhere with snow?
Yes, it's not winter without snow!
A little bit of snow is okay.
I hate snow!

Question 9/10

When it comes to people, what's your philosophy?
I need space
The more the merrier
Less is more
People are great!

Question 10/10

What do you think about Charity?
I give to foundations
I give at church
I give directly to people in need
I volunteer my time or services
I'm not big on charity
The state that best represents your ideals is Vermont! At the end of the day, you crave a simple life that's filled with friends, family, and good food. As a very open minded person, you don't like to cast harsh judgments on strangers or those you barely know. You tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, opening your arms and your heart to anyone who is in need!


The state that best matches your ideals is Virginia! At the end of the day, you crave a life that centers around family, tradition, and heritage. You're all about respecting where you came from and working hard to get where you're going. You believe that there's nothing that good food and good friends can't solve!


The state that best matches your ideals is Texas! At the end of the day, you crave a life that is rich in a multitude of ways. You want to have a successful career that provides for your family, but you also want to have time leftover to spend with those you care about the most. Life in Texas would give you everything you need. From great opportunities and down home cooking, to friendly faces and amazing connections, you'll find whatever it is you're looking for in Texas.


The state that best matches your ideals is California! At the end of the day, you crave a life that is vibrant, unpredictable, and full. You're not the type of person who stays inside of your comfort zone or prefers to do things the same way everyday. In fact, you kind of find routine boring! Instead, you love to experience all of the things that life has to offer, both big and small. California can give you all of that and so much more!


The state that best matches your ideals is Oregon! At the end of the day, you crave a life filled with vibrant creativity, open minded people, and lots of recreation. You have many causes that you believe in, including the environment, animal rights, and equality for all. You're a passionate soul who isn't afraid to stand up for what you believe in and fight for what's right. Oregon is definitely the state for you!